CELEBRITY PSYCHIC PREDICTIONS, Voice Christina Aguilera and Real Housewives Taylor Armstrong!

Barb Powell is back with her weekly Celebrity Psychic Predictions. What does the future hold for our favorite stars? This week, Astrochicks asked Barb to take a cosmic look at Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, and Real Housewives star, Taylor Armstrong.

Barb says, “I’ve always been told if you don’t have something good to say then don’t say anything at all. Unless of course you’re talking about Real Housewives, so much drama. For Taylor Armstrong, I wouldn’t be Barb Powell after all if I didn’t at least throw in a few morsels of intuitive twists!”

She continues, “Right now,  Taylor is a hot mess and emotionally confused. She is leaning and listening to all the wrong people and my fear is that she’s speeding down the long road of unhappiness.  It’s like a train wreck in slow motion.  You see it coming but are unable to move to stop it.”

When it comes to love, what will Taylor Armstrong do next? Barb says, “I feel she knows it’s not a good idea to get into a relationship right now, but just as we know it’s not good for us to smoke, or eat tons of junk food we still do it.  It’s an addictive, emotional pull, because we want to feel good even for a short period of time.”

What is Barb Powell’s psychic advice for Taylor? She says, “Taylor is a prime time, for business people making big promises to build her brand. I don’t care much for who she is trusting right now, if I was speaking with her, I would tell her to TRUST NO ONE! If you can’t even trust yourself, how can you then trust another, especially when it comes to career and money!  Taylor, I sure hope you are in therapy.  Not the yes ma’am therapy but the kind that tells you truth, even when it hurts.  I have no doubt you were abused in the worse way regarding your marriage, seems only confusion is left and has settled.”

In her final Real Housewives psychic predictions, Barb Powell feels that Taylor will NOT return for another season.  Not to worry, Real Housewives fans can still get aTaylor Armstrong fix, there are other media options available to her.

What about Beyonce? Will she join X Factor? Barb’s psychic prediction, “Yes, Beyonce will be the next judge for X-Factor!  Why would she have to though?  She is married to Jay Z = Helloooo?  I’m sure they don’t need the cash.  She is a strong, independent, yet stubborn woman and she would be excellent on this show.  Good choice Simon Cowell, new you were brilliant!  Don’t believe Simon when he says he’s not considering her. Beyonce is considering it because it will give her more time with her baby girl, Blue Ivy. It’s the right choice for her and it certainly feels like she’s leaning in that direction energetically. Just like I predicted Beyonce would announce a pregnancy and went on to predict a girl…she will make a slight career move as well.  I for one can’t wait to watch.”

On Christina Aguilera, Astrochicks has their own celebrity psychic predictions. We think she will announce a pregnancy in late 2012 or early 2013. For her current boyfriend, we see her splitting from him unless Christina heals her emotional wounds with her father. We hope for her own personal happiness, she makes that move. Christina is a Sagittarius girl, who likes to keep it light, but she definitely needs some emotional therapy around love relationships.

For you own personal psychic reading, you can visit Barb Powell’s site here. Enjoy!

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