LOVE HIP HOP Reunion, Chrissy Baby Rumors, Jim Jones Mad at Yandy, Leaving Show?

Love & Hip Hop’s reality was checked tonight, on the reunion show Jim Jones kept it 100% and HATES that Yandy put his personal business in the street.  Also, he revealed he did the Love & Hip Hop show for Chrissy and never really wanted to do it. He’s a rapper first, that’s what pays his bills, and music is his master.

When it comes to Yandy, Jimmy says, “business is business and personal is personal”. That his lady, Chrissy, comes first before anyone else. Now, that’s a good man. He told Mona that Season 3 on Love & Hip Hop the drama isn’t going to be about Chrissy and him, it’s going to be about someone else. Hmmm, who could that be? Maybe Kimbella, Yandy, Emily B, or some new chick?

What about Chrissy Lampkin? The latest Love & Hip Hop rumor is our Taurus girl is pregnant. A really close source to Jim Jones and her is claiming they tried for years to conceive and it never happened, but that “Chrissy is in fact pregnant—expecting the couple’s first child”.

“We’re all praying for a HEALTHY BABY to be born. Who, given his/her parents, will be SWAG-A-LOCIOUS!!!,” according to XXL Magazine. Sounds like Jimmy’s mom? You can read the rest of the story here.

In the Love & Hip Hop reunion interview, Chrissy revealed that show was centered around Jimmy and her. She says, “Well, orginially VH1 gave Jimmy a show and it didn’t really work out. His idea of a reality show and what the crew had in mind wasn’t the same thing, so he was kind of not interested. But we had been doing this for a minute. We had shot two pilots and VH1 liked my personality. We were having the hardest time getting it off the ground and Mona Scott Young came onboard to help Jim and I out, and it morphed into a show with me. They went and got some girls and put it together, and it turned out to be a perfect match; a scenario that felt good.” Will she leave the show? Jim and her said maybe. Nah, probably money negotiating tactic.

Astrochicks predicts next season the drama will be around Kimbella and her new babies. That poor chick, she didn’t want to have the life her mom had and in the end, history is repeating itself. My heart goes out to her, she seems like she just wants a good man to love her and instead she picks the bad boy. Can’t wait till Love & Hip Hop Season 3.

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  1. This website is so biased! your picking sides and your obviously siding with Chrissy in the whole altercation. Yandy has her faults, but Chrissy definitely has major issues. Like how big her head has gotten because of the show saying it’s her show and it surely isn’t because if it was all the ghetto bs and dramatic moments of her wouldn’t be shown. Then she gets upset that she was fighting on camera as if that is anyone else fault. I understand she didn’t want to be in the same room as Yandy, but lashing out is her own fault. She is a high classed hoodrat and thats obvious.Nothing can sugarcoat that. Jim Jones loves her, but hes also classless I mean look who raised him. Perfect match. F.Y.E I get you have an opinion, but give both sides of what really happened to get honest feedback.

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