DAVID GROHL, Foo Fighters Frontman to Produce FX Comedy, Rockstar Band Therapy!

David Grohl, Foo Fighters rockstar frontman, has a new gig. He’s set to Executive Produce an FX show about a rock band in crisis. Sounds like Metallica meets Spinal Tap.

According to NME, the comedy will focus on a band on the verge of megastardom who fall out, and in a last ditch effort to stay together seek ego therapy to work shit out. Unfortunately, they end up with a counselor who has way too many personal problems of his own. Kinda sounds like Metallica to Astrochicks.

Deadline says Gould approached Grohl about the project. Given Grohl’s reputation for having a great sense of humor and friendships with various comedians, this seems like a perfect fit for him. He’s a talented rockstar, to say the least, with plenty of back stories to draw from.

David Grohl, born under the astrology zodiac sign of Capricorn, is not only a rockstar but an astute businessman. With Pluto transiting his chart, he’s going through many creative changes and wants to expand his horizons. He recently started shooting a documentary and it’s only natural he would move into television.

In an interview with Artisan News Service, Taylor explained that “Dave is doing a documentary about the legendary board from Sound City that everybody and their mom recorded on and he’s slowly but surely gotten all these people together to make music on that board again.” Can’t wait to check it out.


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