Love & Hip Hop’s reunion is scheduled for Monday, February 6th and it promises to be crazy wild. Will Chrissy and Yandy have a major blowout? Will Kimbella still be with her man? Will Chrissy and Jim Jones announce their wedding date? Whatever happens, we predict it’s going to be better than watching UFC. Drama, drama, drama.

This weekend, we received the following email about some EXCLUSIVE gossip about one of our Love & Hip Hop girls. Astrochicks decided to make it a blind gossip item to see if you diehard VH1 fans could guess which chick we are talking about. A special shout out to our Astrochicks reader who sent us this eye witness report. Thanks girl.

Here’s what her email said….

On Friday night January 20th,  I was in NYC near 5th Ave coming from the LV store with some friends and I saw _______ from Love & Hip Hop. I wanted to stop her but I realized she was having a altercation.There was a guy and woman standing with the Love & Hip Hop star,  while another chick was airing her dirty laundry.  The woman was saying she was going to expose _________ for “f**king her man”. At first the Love & Hip Hop star looked surprised, like she didn’t know what was happening but as they kept talking it was clear she knew the chick.

The Love & Hip Hop star, said she was a babysitter and the lady went crazy. The woman told ____ she knows her because _____ came to her and the guys house in New Jersey and she has a new born baby with the guy our Love & Hip Hop girl is messing around with. Another girl said look at the baby right here, she showed something on her phone to the Love & Hip Hop star and her friends, they all looked shocked. The Love & Hip Hop star said she knew about the baby and the guy is a liar. He leaves her house in the morning and then she called out the woman’s name and said she should talk to her. The woman started cursing and saying she’ll expose her and she did not want to talk to her.

I have friends from NY and they said the story is true you can even see the beef cooking on the Love & Hip Hop stars Twitter. Back in December, the woman put something on Twitter about exposing the Love & Hip Hop star and she replied later saying the woman should talk to her and grow up.

Once one of my friends confirmed the story to me,  she started showing me other people she knew on Twitter that also knew about this Love & Hip Hop chick, and we came across the girl that was with the night we saw her. I hope someone can get to the bottom of this because she seems like a strong woman but this is messy.

Astrochicks agrees, our Love & Hip Hop girl needs to learn boundaries in relationships. If this man will cheat on his baby mama, he will definitely cheat on you. Only a matter of time. Who do you think it is?

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.