LOVE HIP HOP Reunion, Yandy Smith Twitter Drama, Chrissy Fan Puts Her on Blast!

This season of Love & Hip Hop may be over but the drama continues. Yandy Smith, our emotional Aries biz chick got into a Twitter fight with one of Chrissy Lampkin’s fans. She wasn’t very happy about her Twitter comments. Read on…

Gather reports: On Thursday night, Yandy tweeted, “@MairelisDelvall are you deaf, dumb, stupid or just ugly… I think just ugly. #byehater” Apparently, the Love & Hip Hop manager got her panties in a knot when a fan, Mairelis Delvall,  tweeted: “@yandysmith i think your so pathetic and your so jealous of chrissy its actually sad #GET_LAIDDDD.” Ooops, I guess our passionate Aries chick didn’t like that.

Another rumor on the web circulating is that Yandy Smith is pregnant, maybe that’s why she’s so dang cranky. Or maybe she wants her man to put a ring on it, that’s why she’s so jealous of Chrissy’s engagement to Jim Jones.

Astrochicks hears that the Love & Hip Hop reunion show is EXPLOSIVE, with lots of drama. Somaya Reece tweeted a photo of her, our girl looks gorgeous and has dropped some weight. You can check out the pics here. The special is reportedly going to be on January 30th or February 6th. Can’t wait!

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  1. For real Chrissy this is your show? Do you attribute all of it’s success to only you? Someone had to come on the show to be able to stand up to you. Chrissy is not use the people in her circle challenging her. Chrissy wants to be the HBIC and that is boring week after week. The show will evolve to include more interesting people; preferably,other rappers and their significant others. Change must occur Chrissy, deal with it more appropriately. Don’t go off on people and call them out for a fight just because they have a point of view different from your own.Chrissy you might have a few people that kiss up to you on the regular, but some aren’t willing to bow down; respect that without going off.

  2. That is indeed some crazy little drama that Yandy has to deal with but we will see at the reunion (I think I might of missed it) what Yandy has to say. Nowhere should she take anything out on Chrissy because she had nothing to do with it. Females will be females and just say anything. I don’t know if this is the case but still. I missed the last episode so I do have to log on to my account and see what happen. My DISH co-worker did say it was good, so we will have to see.

  3. Yes yes yes Aries I agree!! Whoo cares about how much a person worth. It’s about respect!! U can b rich and still messy, grimy , and unloyal! One thing about Chrissy , she gonna tell u where u wrong at! And she DEMANDS respect! Respect can carry u a long way!! And y’all always on what she do for a living, how about if her man don’t want her to work , then what!! Jim just mayb want to take care of his women, so what, cool! I mean ppls that all on Chrissy bout her not having a job, sound a lil jealous to me!! What every body jealous bc they man aint spoiling them! Hell her job is to DEAL W JIM & TO SUPPORT JIM N WHAT EVER HE DO! Na!! For the record that’s her job!! Yandi needs a man, bc if she had one he probably would have keep her smart a** mouth n check!! He could tell her” baby y u so worried about Jim buying his woman shoes??”” ohh outta pocket chick!! If u truly followed this season from the beginning & not just tuned n in the middle or end, u would see Chrissy and yandi for who they are!! Chrissy is the truth , yandi is fake and b fronting like she the peace maker when she really the s**t starter!! Her mentor even tells her she wrong! Come on man, Duhhhh! Mona told her she outta line! Then n the end even yandi said she learn a lesson! Even Jim mom told yandi she was wrong! Dang Olivia too! Ohh not to forget Emily!! Classy Chrissy is my homie!! classy w a edge!! Ha!

  4. Money cant buy you class and it damn sure cant buy you happiness. Thats why Yandi’s unhappy ass is always in Jim and Chrissys personal business. Aint nobody hating on the fact that she has money, she is unprofessional and thats the issue. Like Chrissy I call bullshit when I see it and like Chrissy I protect me and mines, so thank you. Everyone has a past and she has clearly evolved from that. Even Yandi’s mentor Mona told her about herself so does she have a mindset like Chrissy too.

  5. Team Yandi. All that like Chrissy in my opinion have a mindset like Chrissy. How about looking up celebrity networths, Chrissy is worth approx $100,000 :/ vs Yandi who is half Chrissy’s age and worth 15 MILLION. Call Yandi unprofessional all you want, none of us are perfect, but her unprofessionalism sure did well for herself and at a very young age. Chrissy is sensitive towards any woman that gets near Jim that has something going for themselves (hence Somaya the first season) because Chrissy knows she’s dead weight and scraping for a place to fit in and be relevant. So she carries the weight of being a controlling bully manipulating situations to Jim and making herself a victim when in all actuality she’s old, played out, and irrelevant. She’s only relevant to Jim so she needs to get that in order and stop barking after successful women who have made it and could get Jim if they really wanted him (Jim obviously founs value in Yandi this long). To say “disrespect doesn’t sit well with me……..” like really Chrissy, didn’t you used to set up robberies down in Miami??? Is/was that respect? Chrissy’s old behind has the game twisted. Jim’s too high to realize the dead weight she is, he just feels some sort of loyalty to her for whatever reason. Chrissy needs a hobby and a punching bag because she has issues that run deeper than Yandi and Yandi’s miniscule actions! cough cough #oldladyinsecurities

  6. None of those grown ass women should be acting like that! it is embarassing to all women. especialiiy our black women. Where the women from hip hop with class at? You cant buy class, I dont care how much money you have. Class is instilled in you as a child. Grow up! And if they both pregnant, they need to stop before they have troulbled pregnancies.

  7. First I want to say Shalom……now this show is crazy……truth is Yandi was only doing what she thought would be the friendly thing to do. Getting Chrissy that book 4 her and momma jones was an an attempt to reach out…we all are human and sometimes as friends we try to help in areas that we can make worse. Yandy comments were taking out of context in that email. Chrisssy is a bully and she really needs to seek help. Her and jim wnt be together long no way.

  8. I am team Chrissy all the way. Although, I didn’t agree with her recent feud with Yandy. Yandy was never heard of before this show. So, why waste your energy on that. Chrissy is making her relevant. I’m not aware of or do I know any information about Chrissy’s educational background, but she appears to be the only educated, well articulate cast member other than Yandy’s mentor. Yandy claims to be a college graduate, but it is not evident. Yes, Chrissy may be the oldest cast member, but she is beautiful, has young appearance, and is an intelligent young women and could do much than Jim Jones and this television disaster. Yandy really needs to work on being more professional, and stop embrassing truly educated African Americans.

  9. Chrissy’s beautiful and genuine. I think Yandy challenged Chrissy simply to gain relevance this season, and what better way to do so then by challenging the matriarch of Love & Hip Hop. Yandy did nothing but say/do offensive thing like dancing to Mama Jones song at Chrissy’s outing with CHRISSY”S GIRLS. I felt that Yandy should have her own group of girls to go out with. Instead she frequented every event she knew Chrissy and her girls would be at.

  10. Yandy a bitch!she deserved to get her azz whooped. She over trying to diss Chrissy on the low. Giving her a book and writing emails. If I was there I would’ve fucked her up for Chrissy. And if she read this she can hit me up at

  11. after watching the show i come to the conclusion that Yandy fuck jim. And she don’t like Chrissy. I love Chrissy but advice to her take some of Jim money and get something popping for yourself girlfriend. Look around in your circle you are the only one who is not independent. Just saying, love you Chrissy be smart girl.

  12. Ok so everybody defending Yandi, let someone do that to you and see how you handle it. Lets see, first she brings Kimbela to a party knowing what she was going to do. The only that I can say on her behalf is she probably didnt know Kimbella was going to do it that way. Next she tries to force Chrissy to make up with Kimbella, not because it was the right thing to do but because Kimbella is her friend. Then the book knowing what was going on between Nancy andChrissy. That was unnecessary. Then she called Jim a check when the whole time they were supposed to be closer than that. Im not saying that she cant be about her money but you dont carry someone like that if youre suppose to be “brother and sister”. That struck a cord with Chrissy. Then the email. Mona told her best. Now the fight in the club. Everybody talkn but you didnt have to go through this bull. It was probably her breakn point. And who knows what else she did that we didnt see. Bottom line, Yandi was out of pocket with the mess she was doing. I think she likes Jim. She is too interested in their relationship.

  13. Chrissy has good taste , she can dress; but she has such a fowl mouth and bad attitude you can’t see her real beauty for the ugliness she exudes. Chrissy is smart too, but she needs to learn how to control her temper and realize that she can’t control everybody. She met her match when she started socializing with Yandy. Bringing new people into the circle did upset the apple cart but that’s life, change happens.Chrissy wants to surround herself with a bunch of yes men; anyone that disagrees with Chrissy and has an opinion that counter hers,that sets her off and then she lashes out.

  14. Team Chrissy, who is she? What does Chrissy do for a living other than fighting and acting like a dude. Yandy needs to lead the crew. Chrissy is not capable of handling situations without calling someone out to fight it out (Chrissy needs to get rid of that gang mentality). Yandy understands that people can have disagreements and misunderstandings even challenges, but fighting that’s not right someone can get hurt. Yandy can bring much more to the table than Chrissy; Chrissy don’t be mad that Yandy has usurped you and your little weak crew that you kick it with. Love and Hip Hop is now moving to a better level, with more talent and more exciting cast, You are no longer needed-attitude and all.

  15. In my opinion, I think crisssy needs to tone it down she needs a counselor. All that she’s doing is out of order,and Jim be so full of dope he don’t even pay attention to what’s going on. He’s gonna lose alot of fans doing this show because of crissy . She’s too old to act in such an
    immature manner. I think he should be the one to make the piece ,but he doesn,t . Look at how he let’s her disrespect his mom that’s definitely out of order. I think he and crissy lay down and think of shit to do that’s negative. He is the problem in my eye sight. I know as for me my man would be telling me to mind my f-ing business I don’t see juelz on there acting like that. Jim just has has female traits. Everyone that impose a threat to her has to be erased and that’s the bottom line. His relationship with yandy is his relationship with her crissy should not be involved in that. As a manager she was looking out for his best interest and as a man Jim should not have let crissy read that text.

  16. Correction!! Chrissy was taking up for her humble soft friend bc that chick Kimbella was out of line!! Y would u tell Emily that n front of all those women! Wrong place wrong time, since Emily was scary, her true down friend step n for her! Kimbella deserve to get kick bc she was out of line!! She could have told her one on one or betta yet kept her freak episode to herself!! Kimbella brought herself n as a freak and a loose women , Chrissy being the women that she is can’t get jiggy w that chick! 1booty shorts, 2 slept w fab,3 stripper party, etc!! She is a hot mess! And yes Chrissy ask the now dressing like a freak yandi ,do she got something to say?? I mean yandi emailing Jim all that mess like he wasn’t gonna show his woman!! Like any women would have done, check mate!! Y does it matter to yandi how may bags & shoes he buy, that’s his chick! Yandi mad cause aint nobody buying her shoes and bags!! She fronting, she wish Jim was her man!! Lol!!! Don’t worry Chrissy u ain’t did nothing wrong! Yandi mad bc u w the $$ and don’t have to work hard for the $$ and still b flyer than her!! TeamChrissy all day long!!! Lol! Yandi I hope u find a man!! It aint Jim!!

  17. I do not understand why Chrissy feels it is her right to hit, kick, and attack people. Jim is doing right by his lady by taking care of her and sharing with her but someone needs to tell her to slow it down. Chrissy automatically decided not to like Somaya( why??? she wasn’t going after Jim) she decided not to like Kimbella ( that is Juelz’s lady). Chrissy started that argument in the club with Yandy. Yandy was there to enjoy herself, spoke to the table and keep it moving, Chrissy could have left the situation along,she always wants to take someone outside and then call Jim to take care of folks, women at that. Yandy, I applaud you for keeping your head up and moving on.
    How many times does anyone need an apology. Either you will forgive and move on or not and leave it alone. But it takes an adult and a bigger person to apologize.

  18. I agree with everything that was said about Yandi. I couldnt have put it better myself. She is VERY unprofessional and is jealous of Chrissy. If she wasnt then why does she always get personal when her and Chrissy argue. Chrissy never got personal. She always talked about her behavior as far as business. Everyone defending her need to put theirselves in Chrissy shoes. That chick is messy. And talkn about Chrissy’s age, she looks younger than Yandi. Dont hate Chrissy cause you aint Chrissy. If you had a man with the means to support you, you’ll let him.

  19. Okay yall not seeing this for what it is…..Chrissy is the bottom Bitch and got her shit on lock…Yandy pulling in that paper grinding hard for Jim and trying to knock Chrissy out. She don’t understand how she can show him what she can produce and still not that bottom bitch..even Mama Jones know what time it is..look how she be playing I need a hat as she say..Yandy I gotta buy you a hat..mani/pedis yall better pay that shit some attention..New York is known for Pimps and Hoes they not just walking the streets any more the real money makers working in Corporate America getting deals,clothing lines..etc. Let’s be real Jim Jones is a real hustler

  20. Only Ghetto hood RATS like Chrissy. Classy Women Love YANDY! Ps. Chrissy and Jim BROKE! Yandy could buy and sell them both . Haha Bye Haters! Yandy Run it!

  21. Team YANDY! Pretty Women Rule! Jim Jones is BROKE! He aint got money. He frontin! The ring chrissy got was just for show it’s rented like his jewlery. Rappers do it all the time. Yandy was telling him not to waste 6k on boots when he didnt have money like that.


  23. Yandy get a life quit being a hater worry about your self u make all dat money and still not happy truth is money can make u happy Chrissy has a wonderful personality loyal straight foward and just dont give a f— my thing is yandy u must want jim because u stay n they wax if yall have slipped in the past let it go dont b a stalker and dont let chrissy find out GET A MAN because jim is taken

  24. Teamyandy wack @sses pls yandy mentor even told her she went to far and was dead wrong.kimbella what talent ericia got that ass right now she know feel how she made emily feel

  25. #teamChrissy! I Love Chrissy, she is such a lady and she is all about respect! What pisses her off is disrespect! If u can’t see that about her, u r clearly not a good judge of character!! Yandi went wrong w the book , then when she was dancing to the song right in front of Chrissy! 1st of all yandi should have never mix business w personal! Bc see when u try to go personal, It always Mess up! I think yandi deep down inside likes Jim bc she has a hard time respecting Chrissy as his woman and he’s gonna tell his woman everything! Y shouldn’t he! Yandi needs a man! Yea she’s about her $, but I bet she will cross u for $$ too! See Chrissy gonna ride w her friend, man, or family! Shes a friend I would love to have on my side! Went yandi said Chrissy mad bc she get $$, chrissy should have told her” y u mad bc I’m married to the $$!” while u out the grinding for your $$, I b swiping them cards all day! Lol! Yandi is jealous and messy! The stuff she says out her mouth sounds messy and childish!! Chrissy just b the one to check her about it!! That’s all! Chrissy continue to stand for what u believe n, respect, your man, family & true friends! Yandi , u r the weakest link, Goodbye!! Lol!! #teamChrissy all day long!!

  26. You ppl have got to be kidding! Chrissy is Jim’s woman. If he chooses to take card of her, so what! How many Basketball players, Football players, etc. are supporting their wives/girlfriends? We don’t know what part she has played in his success. This show only gives us a sneak peak into their lives. Now I will say, Kimbella is crazy! She talked about the type of relationship she wants/needs and she’s not getting that…why would you have another baby? She’s a kept woman also. As for Yandy….Mona couldn’t have put it to her any better than she did. Enough said!

  27. all yaul hoes stupid ass ..females are so simple minded ….any real woman no yandy is tacky at what she do she not even a real friend she always bringing one of her friends to get beat up knowing the situation before it happens omg how fake…and who don’t want their man to mature…I feel u chrissy that’s y ladies single and depressed because their all free throws…team chrissy…love u girl and yandy mad she has no one to buy her shoes boy built bitch

  28. #TeamChrissy Yandy needs to go somewhere. Everybody on the show and i know who ever is #teamyandy can agree on this why is Yandy worried about what Jim is buying his girl. Like she’s the worst manager alive. 1st a manager relationship with his or her client’s family should be on a hi and bye basics.Also her relationship with her client should be strictly MONEY or in other words business. Everyone that I talk about this says Yandy have to be sexing Jim. If so thats true Chrissy is coming after her neck. And I wish it would be on camera.

  29. Yandi and Kimbella are jokes. Chrissy needed to put them chicks in check. That explains what type tricks you b’s are.

  30. First off, Yandy is not jealous of Chrissy, Yandy earns and get her money. Chrissy has to ask her man for money. It’s so pathetic. Chrissy calls Jim house, cars, money her house, cars, and money even before they were engaged. I think any woman that calls her mother in law the “b” word is not the one. That’s just so disrespecful. And who is Chrissy to judge other people a real estate but it didn’t even work out. be a real estate pbut it didn’t even work out. And beside I heard things aborissy past being gold diggish ways. she needs to get a job and stop worrying about yandy and kimbella because they both have money. She is just jealous because Yandy get’s money and she don’t. And she better not have any kids. She is 42 years old. She’s putting her child in risk. I don’t believe women who are older than 40 should have kids.

  31. get it right boo boo chrissy told emily she was not in a postion to give anyone man advice when her house wont right

  32. @MairelisDelvall are you serious why in the world would Yandy as pretty,career minded,business oriented as she is be jealous of tired, old depending on a man as Chrissy. She giving Emily advice about a man when evidently she as issues or she would not be so insecure about everything. You would think was Jim gave her waiting on a man to make a move ass that ring she would have calm down but instead she wants to ask Yandy is there anything she wanna say to her NO bitch for what. I love Yandy she said standing upthere with her drink in hand looking fine to death says not really PRICELESS i would love to hang out with Yandy.And i dont see why people are saying Yandy in love with Jim no just like she said they were just close like brother and sister she calls mama Jones mom people get a life its not that type of party she just dont care for Chrissy so thats why she kindof threw that in there like that. TEAM YANDY AND KIMBELLA all day….

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