Love & Hip Hop keeps dishing out the drama, week after week. Now that Jim Jones finally put a ring on it, Chrissy has secured her position as numero uno in his life and Yandy Smith is not digging it. What a jealous jealous girl. Will Yandy be invited to the wedding?

Jim Jones mama is officially “Team Chrissy” now and has put both Yandy and Olivia on blast during a Twitter tirade. She sounded off and it’s safe to say that Mama Jones is mad. She tweeted,”@yandysmith ufckd up, where’s ur bucksall ucan do now is drive a truck, &push it w ur big FAT butt, now you’ll uhave no more good luck ~oop.” Yikes!

For Chrissy Lampkin will she be a Bridezilla? Probably! Our Taurus girl has a serious shoe fetish, so we expect lots of bling. Did she set a wedding date yet? According to,”[Date set?] Not yet. [Wedding planned?] Absolutely not; this is still just setting in, the whole engagement thing,” Chrissy said this week. “[Nervous?] Yeah, I am. I’m scared of the wedding. A lot of planning and a lot of stuff I have to get together. … Me, I could’ve done a destination wedding. A few family members and a few friends. [Televised wedding?] I hadn’t planned for it but let’s see.” (“The Angie Martinez Show”).

For Yandy Smith an Aries girl, she denied on Twitter that she’s ever been romantically involved with Jim Jones or has a crush on him. She tweeted,”@Bossip and sorry to bust yall bubble but no Jim and I have never been romantically involved before Chrissy or during. We don’t even hug- and I’m a hugger!” According to her tweets, she’s still Jim Jones manager so she must kiss and makeup with Chrissy. Or he decided the money was too good.

Yandy insists that Love & Hip Hop is not scripted. Dang, how do they get any work done with all that drama. Crazy! Stay tuned.





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Jacy Nova

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