The drama on Love & Hip Hop is on high alert. After Jim Jones finally put a ring on it, his business manager Yandy Smith is so jealous that he’s officially engaged to Chrissy Lampkin? Is Yandy out of control?

On Love & Hip Hop tonight, Yandy refused to congratulate Chrissy on her future wedding to her man Jimmy. Doesn’t Yandy realize when she disrespects his future wife, she’s biting the hand that feeds her? Love is forever, but Jim Jones can easily replace Yandy and Astrochicks thinks her behavior is out of line. She needs to step off and quit hating on their relationship. She can’t win and either she needs to be supportive of Jim’s relationship with Chrissy or walk away. Chrissy is his girlfriend, she has been there for seven years, and will always be a part of his life.

Yandy seems to think she’s Jimmy’s mama or his girl. In a recent interview she said, ” Jim? Jim was deep than my brother. In a lot of ways, I think of Jim as my first born. He really was my first project.” Astrochicks thinks she’s suspect as hell, way too entitled.

According to Reality Tea, Chrissy Lampkin is 42 years old. Seriously? I thought she was younger than Jim Jones. That can’t be right. Another blog, DiaryofaHollywoodStreetKing, is claiming that Chrissy is a former street thug.  He says, “Chrissy’s last trick/sponsor/boyfriend cheated on her with a popular video hoe. Chrissy decided to rob him for $32,000 then she ran to Miami to shop and have fun on his dime. Then dude and his crew tracked Chrissy down. The Nicca knocked out her front teeth and in return Chrissy had her peeps send him a message that if he does not pay for her dental bill and buy her breast implants he’s going to get hit with the Rico Act. Dude paid all Chrissy’s bills and that was the end of her and street dudes. Chrissy took her skills to reality television hoping her broke rapper boyfriend will help her to continue to live a easy lifestyle.” One problem, Jim Jones is not broke and is worth $30 million. I wonder if his claims about Lampkin is true?

Either way, Chrissy a Taurus is one zodiac sign you do not want to mess with. Astrochicks would be surprised if Yandy doesn’t return to Love & Hip Hop next season, way too much drama and if she wants to stay Jim’s manager she needs to back off. Yandy an Aries girl always wants to be in control, either you love her or hate her. Jim’s going to need to choose between these two chicks and we all know who that will be. Stay tuned.




Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.