BACHELOR BEN Spoilers, Bachelorette Ali New Boyfriend, Celeb Psychic Predictions!

Is Bachelor Ben really looking for his future wife or is he hoping to make his winery a huge success? Born under the sign of Virgo, Ben Flajnik’s a practical guy and I’m sure ABC producers paid him BIG MONEY to star in the show. Read on with our Bachelor predictions and spoilers this season.

Personally, I think the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise is getting boring and everything seems so manufactured. Half of Bachelor Ben’s girls are actress or models, plus Crazy Jenna is not a blogger, she can barely spell. Her “back story” must have been dreamt up by the writers.

Astrochicks asked Celebrity Psychic, Barb Powell, what her Bachelor predictions were. Here’s what she said.  When I tune into Bachelor Ben , I intentionally seek to go past the smile, the facial scruff and fly away boyish hair to connect with him on a deeper level. He looks too ‘weak’ and empty for my liking. He’s good looking enough, if you like that sort of thing but his energy is too slick and I find that he isn’t the most trust worthy guy I’ve ever seen. (Whoa, Ben are you pretending to be a nice guy?).

Bachelor Ben will can hurt women quite easily, just ask Crazy Jenna, because he leads by ego. Basically he is totally full of himself! I wonder how many mirrors he owns? I’d predict quite a few. He’s a good talker though, meaning he knows how to work it and what to say. I am leaning a bit more towards Courtney Robertson or Nicki Sterling for the final rose, they’re a little bit ‘crazy’! Naturally it won’t last because ego’s will collide in the relationship, with both battling for the spotlight. They love the fame and money more then each other.

What are Barb Powell’s other psychic predictions?  Bachelorette Ali will continue to do well in career, our girl has stars in her eyes. Since she split with Roberto, she will unfortunately be unlucky in love in 2012. We see Ali dating an actor, extending her 15 minutes of fame for at least 5 more minutes, but of course it won’t last. Bachelorette Ali a Virgo can be a bit harsh and needs to tone it down before she settles down with Mr. Right. No wedding bells until at least 2014. For more psychic predictions or a reading by Barb Powell, click here. Enjoy.

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Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. It takes a shallow jerk to pick such a mean girl as Courtney who has nothing going for her, but her looks – which is ephemeral. What will they have when the lust goes? The other women are the real winners by escaping such a jerk. This show is like a cancer on our society. Ben needs to be exposed for the player and fraud he is.

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