TEEN MOM, Leah Messler Pregnant, Baby Daddy Jeremy Calvert, Shotgun Wedding!

Has MTV glorified teen pregnancy with the hit reality series, Teen Mom? Chronicling the lives of young mom’s and their boyfriends, these girls are paid BIG BUCKS to appear on the show. Is this inspiring other teens to have babies as well?

For Leah Messler, who already has twins is pregnant AGAIN! Seriously, 3 kids at the age of 19, what is she thinking? The divorced young mom is having a baby with new boyfriend, Jeremy Calvert, and is engaged to be married. Yowza!

A source claimed: ‘Leah just got engaged over the holidays and is pregnant with another child. She is so excited!’ Really? Astrochicks thinks Leah Messler needs to go back to sex education class and start using contraceptives. Also, we don’t think MTV should glorify teen mom’s having babies. Ridiculous.

Astrologically speaking, we don’t think Leah’s marriage to Jeremy will not last. Our girl is addicted to fame. Soon she won’t be a teen mom anymore and raking in the big bucks with MTV. Reportedly, she earns over $200k per year to appear on the popular reality show. Save your money girl, in a few years it will be all gone. Just saying!


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