In the new season of Bachelor, Ben Flajnik appears to have more of a personality then he did on Bachelorette Ashley’s season. The girls this season have their own sob stories, can our Bachelor Virgo guy find everlasting love and his future wife? Warning, Bachelor spoilers ahead and it looks like plenty of tears.

What’s up with the Bachelor girls sob stories? They open with Lindzi from Seattle, who said her last boyfriend dumped her via text, “Welcome to dumpsville, population you.” How old is this guy 12? What did she do to him or was he just a serious sociopath jerk? Ugh, sounds like lots of drama to me. She also road in on a horse, can we say trying too hard?

Jamie, didn’t have a dad growing up and her mom had addiction issues. She ended up getting custody of her siblings and raising them. She seems like a great girl but not sure if she’s really Bachelor Ben’s type.

Jenna, who’s a blogger and has a site called “The Over Analyst” who writes about love but doesn’t have a boyfriend. She seems a little bit co-dependent and very competitive. Maybe she should go on Tough Love instead. She’s totally neurotic and has NO BUSINESS giving anyone love advice, she’s no Sex and the City girl. Run Bachelor Ben run.

Nicki, who married young got bored in her marriage and now she’s single. Of course, she thinks that Bachelor Ben is the man of her dreams and she’s ready to move to Sonoma. Of course, the next time she gets married it’s going to be forever she says.

Ben Flajnik, born under the astrology zodiac sign of Virgo is a practical and down to earth guy. He doesn’t fall in love easily, we think he will be emotionally on guard this season but after 25 girls throwing themselves at him…the playa will bust out.

Of course, Ben loved the model chicks, I’m not digging Courtney…she seems very self absorbed. Reality Steve already busted out this season’s Bachelor spoilers, you can check them out here. In fact, producers of the Bachelor have sued Reality Steve over his spoilers. The major contenders this season are Lindzi Cox, Nicky Sterling, Kacie Boguskie, Courtney Robertson, Emily O’Brien, and Rachel Truehart. If you want to find out Bachelor Ben’s final four, click here.


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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.