Love & Hip Hop’s drama continues to heat up, with the show starting to look more like Jerry Springer show versus VH1. Some of these chicks should think about joining the UFC, or maybe Yandy’s trying to start a new MMA team.

Kimbella continues to be the center of the storm, that every chick loves to hate. Throw in some new chick named Erica who HATES Kimbella and all hell breaks loose. Hair pulling, wrestling, punches are thrown, and it gets CRAZY!

For Chrissy Lampkin, she’s upset with her boo Jim Jones because he STILL hasn’t bought her an engagement ring. Add insult to hear heartache,  he buys a new set of wheels. Seriously? She has to bring in reinforcement with her Aunt Cookie and Uncle Ralph to talk some sense into Jimmy, this girl wants a wedding and she wants one now. Thankfully, Chrissy our Taurus girl has said she’s ready to walk, if Jim doesn’t put a ring on it.

For Jim Jones, born under the astrology zodiac sign of Cancer, he’s a straight up mama’s boy. He’s all about family and there’s no doubt he loves Chrissy, she’s his number one girl. The problem is our moon dude suffers from a fear of commitment.  When it comes to money, Chrissy’s man can afford to buy her a ring. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jim Jones is worth $25 million. WHAT? You can check it out here. Not sure if that’s true but he definitely understands biz and his girl is a definite asset. Of course, if Chrissy can afford $6k shoes they definitely must be rolling in the money. Plus, his new clothing line Vampire Life looks like a hit.

For Kimbella, she wants to make amends with Emily. In the real world, not Love & Hip Hop, I can’t imagine ANY chick who would want to be friends with a girl who slept with your man while you were pregnant. How can Emily ever forgive her? Who needs friends like that especially if you’re trying to get your romance back on track with your man Fabulous. Someone’s been reading too many fairy tales. That HAS to be a scripted part of the reality show.

Astrologically, we think Jim Jones and Chrissy will get married. They have too much history to break up and I don’t think she will walk away from her man. Plus, what would the show Love & Hip Hop be without these two. Astrologically speaking, they are a perfect love match. Chrissy is Jimmy’s rock, she keeps him grounded, and stands her ground in the relationship. Underneath Jimmy’s cool exterior is a real sweetheart. He’s very emotional and would be lost without her. Maybe next season these two will get hitched. Happy Holidays.


Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.