Now that Melanie Amaro has won X Factor, will Simon Cowell invite back Steve Jones as next years host and will he renew Nicole Scherzinger’s judging contract? If fans have a vote..probably not.

E Online caught up with Steve Jones at the X Factor after party and asked about next season. Jones did say, “Nothing’s been signed. None of us know who’s coming back. I’d love to. If not, I’ll do something else!” If Astrochicks had a vote, we think Simon Cowell should pick someone like Mark McGrath, who’s a former rockstar and entertainment host. He has good looks, great sense of humor and is incredibly charming.

When it comes to Melanie Amaro, her mentor Simon Cowell a Libra, is definitely a proud papa. Cowell says Amaro’s win meant more to him than any contestant’s on American Idol did. “It was very different from the other show I used to because there was a distance,” he explains. “This, you’re working so closely with them. I know her really well, I like her. I thought she was the most talented. It means a lot that she won.”

Astrologically speaking, what the X Factor judges are missing is fire on the panel. With Cowell a Libra, Paula Abdul a Gemini, and LA Reid a Gemini they have too much air on the panel. Too much talking, not enough REAL emotion, and no fire to add passion to the reality show.

Nicole Scherzinger a Cancer,  should connect with X Factor fans but she just doesn’t.  Someone like Mariah Carey an Aries, would definitely make a better judge and would bring more glam and glitz to the show.

Astrochicks definitely thinks Simon Cowell will make changes on the X Factor show. New production crew, because the sound was horrible. New host and new judge. We think the show will have more viewers next year and Melanie Amaro’s new album will go platinum. Happy holidays!

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.