Are Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson spending Christmas apart this holiday season? After rumors of cheating hit the gossip mags, fans are wondering if the Twilight couple have hit a rough patch and may breakup.

There have been conflicting stories that Rob will be in London while Kristen will spend it in LA. This includes the fact they can’t decide if they want to live in California or England. Are the rumors true?

Earlier this month, the two shared a love nest in the Bel Air area of Los Angeles, because the owner put the house on the market for $5.9 million. The Rob and Kristen were e paying $22,500 per month to stay in the four bedroom, four bathroom property. Wow, that’s a lot of cash. Why don’t they just buy a house?

Rob Pattinson born under the astrology star sign of Taurus is a loyal guy at heart. Personally, Astrochicks thinks he absolutely adores his girlfriend Kristen and would do anything for her. For Kristen, a feisty Aries girl probably wears the pants in the relationship.

Now that Kristen has wrapped shooting the film, Snow White an the Huntsmen, she can enjoy some rest and relaxation with her man. She’s up for the new movie role, a live-action adaptation of Akira from Warner Brothers for the role of Ky.

For Rob Pattinson, he has a couple new movies coming out next year. Astrologically, we think he will look to challenge himself artistically. We predict he will want to make his directorial debut in late 2012 or early 2013. When it comes to marriage, we don’t think he will be ready to take the plunge for at least a few years. Stay tuned.

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