Steve Ward, the host of Tough Love Miami likes to dish at advice but can he take it. What VH1 fans really want to know is who is Steve dating and does he have a girlfriend?

Although Steve claims to be straight and single, we did a little snooping online and found one of his old girlfriends. It appears Steve is a cradle robber and likes to date much younger woman, like 18 years old. A popular gossip site called The Dirty, revealed photos of his former girlfriend here. Also, an anonymous poster on the site claimed he frequents a popular strip club in Philadelphia. Yes, well he’s man.

On tonight’s Tough Love Miami finale, the girls review their love journey with Steve and decide if they want to continue to date the guys they met or not. You can view a recap of the show here.

The two Tough Love Miami girls that stand out the most for Astrochicks is Leilani Dowding, the British chick who reminds me of an actress or is some bikini model. She chooses George and gives him a promise ring, will they have a happily ever after?

The other girl I really like is Jane, who’s still in love with her ex boyfriend. She chooses to make her relationship work with Allen and gives the promise ring to herself, she seriously has some issues she needs to work on but I think she will work it out. In fact, Astrochicks predicts she will get married next year.

I definitely like Tough Love Miami over Millionaire Matchmaker. It seems more real, I love Steve Ward, and the girls seem sincere in trying to work on their problems. Stay tuned for the Reunion show next week.


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Jacy Nova

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