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ADELE Grammy Album of the Year: An Astrological Perspective on Winners!

The Grammy nominations are in and Album of the Year will be an interesting battle, as each song nominated comes from very different genres and super diverse artists. So, among the nominees, what do the stars say about their shot at the title? Twenty-One Adele As the only nominee born under the sign that rules the voice, Taurus, it’s no wonder sultry Adele has a great critical shot at winning.

In December 2011, Adele announced that she will be taking a break before beginning work on her third album. In fact, it may be another two years before Adele plans on releasing a new album. Citing exhaustion and a well needed a vacation.

Our Taurus girl is sensitive soul, who’s down to earth and loyal. Critics speculate that she will sweep the Grammy’s. Check out’s predictions below.

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Album of the Year: An Astrological Perspective

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