The Occupy Movement took an ugly turn at the UC Davis campus. When police pepper sprayed students protesting peacefully on campus at point blank rage. WTF? Don’t they have criminals to catch? Why terrorize peaceful protesters?

The sickening photo here, shows Lt. John Pike spraying students like he was watering his lawn, who were seated on the ground, arms linked in silence. Aggressively announcing, “Move or we’re going to shoot you,” Pike is reported to have yelled at one student right before delivering pepper spray. Then, turning to his fellow officers and brandishing the can in the air, “Don’t worry, I’m going to spray these kids down.” You can view the horrifying pictures here.

As tuition continues to skyrockets, students have embraced the Occupy Movement to make sure their voice is heard. With university administration running wild, with arrogance and self righteousness, UC Davis chancellor Linda Katehi ordered the students to be removed from campus for their own safety. Prompting the zealous efforts of Lt. John Pike to pepper spray the students, outraging the community and asking that both Linda Katehi and Lt. John Pike resign or be fired. Definitely, we live in a free country and Astrochicks believes we have the right to peaceful protest. I guess Linda Katehi read somewhere pepper spray and rubber bullets are a nice way to resolve students protests. Maybe they should ship her to Afghanistan for a tour of duty.

One person commented, “This is criminal assault by Officer Pike, plain and simple. Beyond the evidence provided above, show us where, in the manufacturer’s instructions, or police training, it says to spray military grade pepper-spray down people’s throats. Disgusting. Pike and his superiors both need to answer to their brutality and the heinous decisions that sanctioned it. As a Californian, i’m appalled at how the UC system has been taken over by the 1%, and proud of these students for taking a stand, even as they are treated worse than animals by those who were entrusted (and paid handsomely) to protect them. ”

Fortunately, two of the officers involved in the incident are on “leave” indefinitely. You can read the article here. The Chancellor should be ashamed of herself, she let these goons loose on HER own students because they wanted to have a voice and opinion.  Hopefully, she will  be placed on INDEFINITE leave as well.




Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.