KIM KARDASHIAN Divorce Update, Kris Humphries PreNup, Breakup Over Money Not Love?

Kim Kardashian’s divorce update, surprisingly is shocked by fans reaction over her dumping husband Kris Humphries . In recent polls, over 80% of readers believe that her marriage was a publicity stunt and a sham. Basically, most people think she used Kris Humphries to cash in on her reality wedding. Now mama bear Kris Jenner is trying to do damage control. Good luck, honey.

Although Kim Kardashian “claims” she married for love, our Libra girl appears to be more interested in the money. According to TMZ, the prenup was negotiated during the summer.  Kim, Kris, and their lawyers had multiple meetings over cash.  Kim and Kris were sniping at each other during the talks, each complaining — sometimes bitterly — about the way the other was treating them.

In fact, if sources are correct, Kris Humphries only got 10% cut from the money earned from the wedding and darling Kim got 90%. What’s more laughable is that Khloe accused Kris of using Kim. Really? If it wasn’t for the Kardashian porn tape, no one would give a damn what these girls were doing. The Kardashians are ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!

Kris Jenner wants fans to believe that Kim made ZERO off her wedding, which of course is not true. Fans are fed up and posting nasty comments on Facebook and Twitter. I guess fame is a double edge sword and Kim’s not use to have so many haters. Her 15 minutes are about up and the tides are changing for our Libra girl.

One fan wrote: “Man I knew the Kim Kardashian was greedy but that really takes the cake to want to keep 100% of something that should be split 50/50 shows just how self absorbed this woman is. Good luck ever finding another man who wants “you for you” every guy you date will just use your sorry ass!! And you notice how Kris Humphries is being quiet – dude, go write a book, hope you didn’t sign away your right to speak about her but knowing her momma you can’t even speak about the relationship.” Well said.

As we mentioned in previous articles, astrologically Kim our Libra girl had to learn some hard lessons in love. For Kris, he would actually make a great husband and would have been good to her. The only problem as an Aquarius, he has his own mind and wasn’t going to take orders from Kris Jenner. For Astrochicks, we are definitely “Team Kris Humphries.” I hope he gets a big payday out of this also. Stay tuned.

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  2. Kim Kardashian is trash who sold viewing her private parts for money because that is all she knows how to do.she has no talent. Kris her mother should be charged for child abuse as she is the most dispicable shameless person I have ever seen, she is a greedy money hungry pig who sold her daughters so she could get rich. Khloe takes the cake, first off she is a fat ugly pig just taking up space . She is rude, obnoxious and treated poor Kris like he was a nobody. Actually, he was too good for that immoral ass Kim. Unfortunately he has no experience with experienced gamers like Kris Jenner and Kim K. Get these people off TV I cannot take another day of them. Good riddence crawl back in your hole. After all you did use Paris Hilton and Ray J to become famous, they must b holloring at home right now.

  3. OK so it keeps getting worse every time I tune in. Kim your comment “you have to go with your heart”. Boy when Jesus comes back to JUDGE you, honey your going down. It is really too bad you can’t seem to follow God’s heart. PLEASE DO NOT EVER, EVER CLAM TO BE A CHRISTIAN… you Do all of us who obey and love God such an injustice.
    “I hate divorce,” says the LORD God of Israel, “So guard yourselves in your spirit, and do not be faithless.”Malchi 2:16./ Also read Matthew 19:3 where Jesus tells us Not to divorce if we love God. Keep Gods laws.
    Then there is the aspect of the ring. Give it back Kim or sell it and give the money to a charity like advocacy for abused children or an organization that helps rehabilitate kids who have been saved from the sex slave industry. “Jesus said: Whatever you do for the least of these you do for me….:Matthew 25:31-46.
    Now being wealthy is not evil. as it is written in the bible:King Solomon. According to historians, the wealth of king Solomon was simply astronomical. He was at least the wealthiness person in history at that point. And yet the Bible says that it was God who gave Solomon his wealth. God also blessed Job with great wealth after Job was tested. And God blessed Abraham and David with wealth. However God expects the wealthy to share with the poor (dirt poor) and underprivileged. One should tithe 10% of their earnings. Kim Kris was a gift from God (all marriage’s are) Repent of your first mistake, tell God you are very sorry. And go home and go into christian counseling with your HUSBAND… SAVE the covenant (unbreakable contract) you made with God through your vows. KC

  4. A total joke for the fools who watch their show, buy their junk & think they are wearing designer wear. Seriously these women are using poor ignorant young people to profit. But this wedding was taking it too far. She said she married for love??? she does not know what love is…loves only money that’s the love she knows….otherwise she would not make a joke of marriage as she has done. No character.

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