This week, a foul ball goes to MLB Angels second baseman, Howie Kendrick who appears to have a MAJOR attitude problem.  Recently, Kendrick denied his next door neighbor’s request to autograph his baseball card. Fans are in an uproar because not only was Kendrick and his wife rude, they made the poor little 8 year boy cry.

Howie Kendrick, may be one of the best players on the Angels team in MLB but he’s definitely not the most humble. The catch was that Howie and his family were moving that day, Kendrick may have reacted harshly because he was in a rush.  Maybe.  Other reports have surfaced on Facebook and Twitter that Kendrick had the same reaction with other parents in the past who have requested autographs.

The boy’s mom Shelly Meagher told Radar Online, “Howie and his family had been living next door all season and we had been respectful and had not bothered him or his family until the morning he was packing to move. My eight-year-old son, who is a huge Angels fan, walked down and asked if he would sign his baseball card before he left. Howie refused saying, ‘It’s not going to happen’ and that we were rude for asking.

Kendrick’s wife chimed in and told the bawling kid that she couldn’t believe he was still standing there. I guess Kendrick and his wife forgot without the fans, they wouldn’t have a zillion dollar contract. They wouldn’t be able to live the fancy lifestyle they have now. The FANS pay for that lifestyle by buying tickets to his games, merchandise, etc. Maybe they need to watch the film Moneyball.  Every baseball player has to retire someday and Kendrick should appreciate the fact that the fans were showing him some love.

In Astrochicks opinion, as long as the fan is respectful, signing autographs are part of the game.  Come one Howie, it’s a kid, would you want your child treated that way?  Born under the astrology sign of Cancer, Howie Kendrick is a family man but definitely could have saved himself a ton of hassle and bad press if he would have signed the baseball card. Until next time, Cosmic Dude.

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.