In the wild world of NFL sports this week, after Tim Tebow officially took over the Denver Broncos team to be the first string quarterback, many wondered what happened to Brady Quinn. Well… when the fans at Mile High stadium in Denver are screaming for Tebow, they buy the tickets, and pay the Broncos’  bills, the coach is going to listen to their paying customer.

Back to Brady Quinn, it was reported by a source that the next day he left the Broncos (was allowed to by the team) to go to his girlfriends US gymnast Alicia Sacramone bedside after surgery. Alicia tweeted that, “She has the best boyfriend in the world!” Yes, we have to agree. Brady Quinn, born under the astrology sign of Scorpio, is definitely protective of those he loves. Alicia a Sagittarius girl, loves the attention and digs a man who takes good care of her.

In other celebrity sports gossip, MLB player Derek Jeter on the other hand, could take a few lessons from Brady Quinn on how to treat a lady. Our baseball bachelor, likes being a “player” a little too much and is a commitment phobe. He split with his girlfriend, Minka Kelly, when Jeter once again got cold feet and broke his pretty girls heart. Now according to Page Six of the NY Post, the celebrity couple are getting back together. To me, it’s not that much of a surprise because Derek Jeter is about to be 40 years old and if he’s looking for real love, our boy needs to settle down or end up shacking up with gold-diggers. We predict that Derek and Minka may be looking at a summer wedding.

Astrologically speaking, Derek Jeter born under the astrology sign of Cancer will make an excellent dad. As far as husband material, Jeter needs to emotionally mature. If Minka Kelly can hang on till Jeter retires, he will definitely be marriage material at that time. That’s it for the Cosmic Dude. I’ll be back shortly with more celebrity sports gossip on

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.