Is Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux getting married in Mexico. In a new gossip rumor, the happy couple are planning on a romantic wedding in Mexico. In fact, have they already set a date?

According to several news sources, Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend Justin are planning a secret New Year’s wedding. I guess not so secret if it’s spread all over the internet.

Jen’s reportedly getting married at Joe Francis’ estate in Cabo San Lucas, says a source. Seriously? Jen wants to get hitched at the “Girls Gone Wild” mansion. Astrochicks doesn’t believe it. Maybe she’s planning to marry Justin but Joe Francis seems a little low brow for our Aquarius girl. Why not on the beach and a beautiful resort?

According to Now Magazine, The pair are expected to apply for a marriage license in New York in the next six weeks, ahead of the Mexico ceremony. I wonder what color of dress she’ll wear? Jennifer Aniston has been sporting black everywhere, just like her man Justin, I guess they’re true New Yorkers.

Astrochicks wants to see our Aquarius girl happy. Her boyfriend Justin Theroux is a Leo and the polar opposite of our girl. Together, they make a hot couple and compliment each others style. Wishing her lots of love and happiness. She certainly deserves it.

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Jacy Nova

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