REAL HOUSEWIVES, Camille Grammer New Boyfriend, Brand Glanville Dating Actor?

Love is the air for two of our Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars. Camille Grammer has bounced back from her nasty to divorce to ex husband Kelsey Grammer. She has been spotted around with a hunky new Greek boyfriend, who’s a divorce lawyer, and super good looking. In fact, he could be Kyle Richards’ husband, Mauricio’s, lost lost brother.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Camille, made her public debut with Dimitri George Charalambopoulos, at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant, Sur. In fact, Dimitri is only 35 and seven years younger than our Virgo girl.  I guess if Kelsey can do it, so can she. You can check out his photos here.

Camille Grammer, wasted no time in gushing about her new boyfriend. A “source” told Life & Style, that the sexy new couple met three months ago and Camille is VERY into him. Astrochicks can see why. They spend a lot of time at her house in Malibu, but Dimitri hasn’t moved in, YET. Camille says the chemistry is incredible.  Aww, we’re happy for our Virgo girl, she’s had a rough year and deserves to have a new man in her life.

For Brandi Glanville, she’s playing the field after her messy divorce from Eddie Cibrian. She was rumored to be dating Gerard Butler for a brief second, after they had a hot hook up at a Malibu party. A Scorpio girl, she has a dark streak and is not to be messed with. She needs a strong man, who’s not a player like her Gemini ex husband, Eddie Cibrian. If she’s looking for love and loyalty, we suggest she dates a Cancer, Pisces or Taurus.  Astrologically speaking, we don’t see her finding true love again until late 2012 or early 2013. Stay tuned.

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