Pan Am took flight on ABC tonight capturing the sexy style of 60s-era, promising lots of sexy romance, drama, and intrigue. One of Pan Am’s star is Christina Ricci, who plays Maggie a flight attendant who doesn’t like to conform, and is the resident Woodstock type of girl. What’s not to love? The reviews are in and it looks like the show is a hit!

The stylish new drama reminds me of Mad Men, where everyone was clean cut, and traditional. Minus all the gross cigarette smoking. For Pan Am star, Christina Ricci, in a new Hollywood Reporter interview, she described why she boarded the series. She said: “I’ve been wanting to do television for a while and every year we looked at the new pilots and then this came along. I was offered this and thought this was great and kind of perfect for me. It was an ensemble, which I was looking for.”

In the first episode, one of Pan Am flight attendants Laura becomes a runaway bride, ditching her future husband on the day of their wedding. Yikes, they did that in the 60s? With her sister Kate riding shotgun in the getaway car, whisking her away to a jet set lifestyle to become a stewardess.

One new Pan Am fan wrote about the series premiere: “I loved it, thought it was historically on the mark. You see, I was a Pan Am stewardess from 1969 to 1974. It was a remarkable experience. I got engaged on a 747 on a transit stop of a MAC charter on the ground in Saigon, Vietnam to a very handsome young Navy Lt. who was there on riverboat patrol. We’d only known each other for 30 days. We were married not long after in Honolulu and met again briefly in Hong Kong for what we called our honeymoon. It was incredibly romantic to me. I got to see the world and meet some very incredible people along the way. It was a magical time.” Indeed it was.

Astrochicks loves the new show, it’s sexy and fun. The characters are interesting, promises lots of drama and intrigue. We predict it will be a hit. You can check it out on Sunday nights at 10pm on ABC.

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Jacy Nova

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