Is Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner being groomed to become the next Tom Cruise? In Breaking Dawn Part One, Lautner gets to show his emotional and sexy passionate side, where in Abduction he shows his action star chops in the new film. Will Twilight fans embrace his hot new movie role? What do they think about his new girlfriend Lily Collins?

In a new interview, Taylor Lautner talked about both films. He says, “I can’t wait for everyone to see Breaking Dawn. You’re going to see every one of the characters in a different light than you’ve ever seen them before, it’s by far the most challenging experience I’ve had as an actor.”

Our Aquarius boy continues, “Abduction stretched me as an actor more than I’d ever been stretched before,” Taylor said. “It was perfect because in Breaking Dawn my character gets so emotional and he changes so much.” The big question is will Twilight fans like him as an action star and go see the film?

In the new movie, Abduction, Lautner co-stars with girlfriend Lily Collins. They both met on the movie set and Lautner says he had instant chemistry with his new lady. I wonder what she thinks about all the Taylor Swift rumors that our country star wants her Aquarius man back? Astrochicks doesn’t think Lilly has anything to worry about, Taylor seems like the type of guy who keeps moving forward in life and not backwards. You can check out the trailer of the new movie here. Looks good!

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