REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW YORK, Ramona Singer Got Jill Zarin Fired, Alex Blindsided?

It’s official, four housewives from New York have been fired from the Bravo reality show. Jill Zarin, Alex McCord, Cindy Barshop and Kelly Bensimon won’t be returning next season. What’s most shocking, is Ramona Singer may have stirred the pot and introduced Bravo to the new cast members. No wonder Sonja Morgan has been so friendly with her.

Bravo released the following statement: “We’ve had a fabulous run with all the ladies and appreciate them sharing their lives with our viewers,” the statement said. “It is a friendly departure among the other ladies and we continue to have on-going discussions with them.”

A source told Us Weekly that new cast members have already been selected. “Ramona Singer knows these women — she introduced them to Bravo. The Countess knows two as well,” the source said.

Ramona Singer a Scorpio girl, definitely stabbed the other four housewives in the back. Alex McCord must be the most upset, after all she was  Ramona’s puppet last season, with Sonja Morgan as her sidekick. Not sure how “friends” of Ramona Singer will be that interesting. It’s not like she’s Teresa Guidice’s clan.

“Alex and Simon (Van Kempen) are both shell-shocked. They didn’t see it coming,” a source with ties to the show told our pals at E! Online. “They’ve just lost the $275,000 income they were making for the season.” I guess both will have to look for new jobs.

Personally, Astrochicks thinks they should replace Ramona Singer as well. Ms. crazy eyes needs to retire. It will be interesting if Real Housewives of New York will still be fun to watch with the new girls. Stay tuned.

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Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. why would you keep. a bugged eyed drunk and a bankrupt loser and get rid of accomplished women who didn’t have to spread thier legs to get what they have lets face it the ones you kept were simply call girls and now they call themselves accomplished women now that i think about it all of Bravos housewives shows feature prostitutes what a shame we are as a society all these hookers have found a new way to make a living

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