BRAD PITT Interview, Jennifer Aniston Fans Squeeze His Moneyballs, Unhappy Marriage?

Brad Pitt and dear Angelina Jolie, under estimated the popularity of his ex wife Jennifer Aniston. Our Sagittarius dad, had the audacity to refer to his marriage to Jen, as the most pathetic time of his life.  It confirms what female fans already knew, Brad Pitt is STILL missing his sensitivity chip and I don’t think he’s going to find it anytime soon. At least as long as Angelina Jolie is his lover girl.

Brad Pitt, who’s doing the moonwalk and back tracking over his snarky comments about his Jen, released the following statement: “It grieves me that this was interpreted this way. Jen is an incredibly giving, loving, and hilarious woman who remains my friend,” Pitt tells Us. “It is an important relationship I value greatly. The point I was trying to make is not that Jen was dull, but that I was becoming dull to myself — and that, I am responsible for.” Hmmm, his publicist must have wrote that, he’s probably too stoned to put two sentences together. I wonder if the Moneyball producers are pissed?

Personally, I’m sick of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and their bazillion kids. I’m sure their life together gets boring as well. Of course, unless you consider six screaming kids running around all the time exciting, just sounds exhausting to Astrochicks.

Maybe Brad Pitt’s jealous that Jennifer Aniston finally found a sexy new man, Justin Theroux. Someone to finally replace the ghost of marriage past. Not to mention, SUPER insensitive on Pitt’s part, since Jen’s mom just suffered a massive stroke. Personally, I think Brad’s the pitts and should stick to talking about the future and not the past.

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  1. Actually you sound pretty ridiculous yourself. LOL Jen paid her mom to have a stroke??? Seriously, you shouldn’t be judging others comments at they don’t sound as ridiculous as you do.
    Another newsflash. Jen only refer to Jolie on the vogue interview AFTER Jolie decided to opened her mouth about how she and Brad were developing their special relationship. I’m glad she reacted to Jolie’s diarrhea and I’m sorry she only said uncool and not much else.
    Both Jen and Brad have talked about each other after their divorce but this time he was blaming his marriage for his unhappy life, simply unacceptable.

  2. I am sick and tired of you people defending that jerk Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. There is no excuse for him bad mouthing his marriage to the world. What does she have to do with his latest movie.He is jealous of her new found love and her rising career. And for those who commented on Heidy Bivens you are all in the icecream and don’t know the flavor. That relationship was on it way out anyway. I would not stick around for 14 years for no man. that situation any way is not the same as Jennifers marriage to Brad. Brad was a married man justin was single. justin did not commit adultery. Brad did. You cannot compare the two. why is brad still talking about Jennifer anyway?People think about it? The answer is why Angelina is so Jealous of Jen after even taking her man. Brad is obsessed with his ex.

  3. Justine, It’s unfair to Jen when you claimed Jen stole Justin from Heidi. First, Justin was in a relationship, but unmarried when he met Jen on the set in last fall. He may fell for Jen by the time. But they did not date because Jen does not date a married or in-relationship guy. As their co-worker claimed there were a lot of respect between them. Second, Justin and Heidi broke up on March and He left NJ. No one really know why? ustin’s friends said they had been on and off for years. Justin and Jen start dating in mid of May. That’s Justin’s decision to leave Heidi. I do not get why Jen’s hater has tried so hard to push Jen to take Angie’s seat. Angie and Brad were together publicly when Brad was still a married man, that’s why Jolie is a “homewrecker” and Brad is a cheater. Jen is a very understanding and reasonable lady. If you do not like her, leave her alone. Don’t write fake accusation toward sweet Jen. Sounds you are as nasty as Brad and Angie.
    They have done a lot to humiliate Jen for these years. What Brad’s comments about his previous marriage Is meaningless and unnecessary.

  4. You sound pretty snarky yourself. It’s hilarious that people like you trash celebs for saying supposedly mean comments when you write things a hundred fold worse. And by the way, Aniston HAS multiple times mentioned Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie when promoting a movie…remember that infamous Vogue statement “What Angelina did was uncool”. Brad Pitt actually defended her saying the media twisted things.

    Brad and Angelina seem perfectly happy and excited with their brood of children, while Aniston is still childless and not in a long term relationship. How many men has she been with since Brad Pitt? and how many times has she professed her desire for children and yet 7 years later she still has none (adopted or biological).

    Also, by the way, it’s pretty classless to steal another woman’s man and have him kick her out of their home that they shared for over a decade. Poor Heidi Bivens.

    Lastly, Interviews for magazines are conducted months ahead of release time, so I’d say its rude of Nancy Dow to have a stroke right when Brad Pitt’s movie is coming out and he’s doing press. Aniston probably paid her mom to have a heart attack so she could divert attention from him onto herself.

    See how ridiculous the above statement is? As ridiculous as what you insinuate.

  5. brad set out in his interview to intentionally hurt his ex- jennifer! the question that was asked to brad was about his charity when he was younger. he had no reason to bring his ex into the question except to hurt her. jennifer hasn’t talked about the divorce since 2005 and then only two remarks brad had a sensitivity chip missing more like a link or two and uncool when jolie started talking about the affair – falling in love on the set of mr and mrs smith. yes, talk to your friends, your partner but not to the public. seriously 7 years later! jen could have written a book, done interviews about the jolie-pitt affair like the director of the mr and mrs smith is doing now writing a book! as for chelsea – chelsea is a grown women and is accountable for her own actions. just like i am not blaming brad’s intentional insult on jolie! he is a grown man! brad showed his lack of character and more! he needs to stop talking and start listening.

  6. I think it is perfectly acceptable for Brad Pitt to talk about his marriage. He said that his life was dull and basically without much substance. Of course that would be true if all you live for is fame and money. He did not grow up that way. I think like most people who love their children and partner he was talking about the fact that it changes you in a good way. If that hurts Jennifer Aniston’s feelings which I sincerely doubt then too bad. He can tell his truth because it is his experience to tell. All this uproar from fans is bitter and over the top. Get a life people they are celebrities not your buddies.

  7. Brad’s an idiot!!!! It’s funny how Jennifer is always accuse of using her marriage for publicity yet when she is asked DIRECTLY her coments are very light and never has said she regrets anything or that she was unhappy, whic she probably was considering she had a DULL husband. I wish she reacts to this like she has done in the past after both Brad and Jolie’s coments or actios. Now he is going on Ellen all of the sudden for desperate damage control. They switch Jen Garner’s interview for Brad’s this week. Can we say desperate? LOL Ellen is one of Jen’s friends everyone knows this.

  8. No matter how long something happened it is a part of your past, a part of you and he has a right to say he was not happy. Because you say he doesnt need to talk about Aniston doesnt make it so. It is his business to do whatever he pleases. Do I think he should keep those things to himself, yes, he should but because he did not doesnt make him a bad person. The way he lives his life with Angie speaks louder than some unfortuneate things that come out of his mouth. He is human and just because he is a star doesnt make him perfect. He screws up like the rest of us only we are not under a magnifying glass. Everyone jumps right on the one bad thing someone says and takes hold of it for dear life. Why isnt anyone writing about the great things people do instead of the negative.

  9. Brad has been divorced for a LONG time, I think it’s totally unnecessary to comment on his marriage. He doesn’t need to talk about Aniston, especially after he cheated on her with Jolie. Aniston doesn’t talk about Brad when she’s promotion a new movie. Moneyball will be a box office hit either way.

  10. Please, Brad Pitt has a right to comment on his life, yes HIS life with Jennifer Aniston or any other part of his life. So what he was not happy with his life then. Divorce? Wow, what a shocker! NO one has ever had one of those before! Jennifer smokes pot too so he isnt the only one. Who cares. I think he is happy with Angie and ‘their bazillion’ kids, obviously this life is working for him. Some keep leaving or worse cheat and never find happiness because they have no clue what it is. he finally found it with Angie. Jennifer is dating someone now and I wish her well.

  11. It is easy to make comments about others, particularly the famous. Chelsea Handler, one of Jennifer Aniston’s best friends had this to say about Angelina Jolie in her stand-up act.

    “She can rescue as many babies from as many countries as she wants to,” Chelsea said. “I don’t f**king believe you … she gives interviews, ‘I don’t have a lot of female friends.’ Cause you’re a f**king c**t … you’re a f**king b***h.”

    Neither Angelina or Brad commented on this, and yet everyone feels the need to comment on Brad’s ill-chosen words.

    I don’t think there are any right or wrongs here, but rather two people who lead very public lives, and who are probably both very nice. I don’t see that Brad Pitt did anything deliberate. He made a mistake, as all of us have done.

  12. this guy is just pathetic. first you embarrass ur wife by cheating on her and running off with the mistress, then seven years later you try 2 hurt her again by saying she made ur life uninteresting and pathetic.

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