CAMILLE GRAMMER New Boyfriend, Real Housewives Dating Hot Mystery Guy!

Real Housewives star, Camille Grammer, is dating a new mystery man and he’s smoking hot. In a recent interview, Camille reveals that her new boyfriend is not only a good kisser but he’s got a great body as well. Definitely sounds like a step up from ex husband, Kelsey Grammer.

Now that our Virgo girl is lucky in love, will Camille Grammer kiss and make up with Capricorn girl, Kyle Richards? In the new season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we see a much funner and lighter Camille. After all, all the man scaping can wear a girl out. Also, Kyle seems open to giving their friendship a second chance. Leaving Lisa Vanderpump cranky and jealous, that she’s not Kyle’s BFF anymore.

Does Camille Grammer want to get remarried? She says, “I’m not ready for the altar or anything like that. I’m enjoying my single life,” she continued “I am dating.” Smart girl, she has $50 million dollars to keep her warm at night. Plenty of cash to keep a bunch of boy toys around.

Astrologically speaking, Camille Grammer will continue to walk before she runs back into love. She still feels betrayed by ex husband, Kelsey Grammer and she has a nasty custody battle to deal with. The good news is she will heal her heart and find a new Prince Charming. Someone more her equal, who will love her children, and someone she can share her life with. Wishing her lots of love and happiness.

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