BACHELOR PAD 2, Holly Durst and Blake Cash Engagement, Graham Bunn Brawl!

Bachelor Pad is fast becoming a fan favorite like the Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise. We get see our favorite reality stars in a more natural setting, with loads of drama, and lots of hot hook ups.

Bachelor Pad 2 finale did not disappoint. Michael Stagliano was blindsided by the announcement of ex girlfriend Holly Durst’s engagement to Blake. Plus, Michale and Holly won the $250k beating out Graham Bunn and his new girlfriend, Michelle.

What fans probably didn’t know is that Graham Bunn got into a Bachelor Pad 2 brawl backstage. According to Jesse Csincsak, that’s exactly what happened. According to a source, after voting was cast, Graham was crowned runner up and got into a scuffle with Justin “Rated R” Rego, with JR on the losing end and getting punched in the face. WTF?

The other juicy gossip, Holly Durst and Blake were paid $25k to announce their engagement on the Bachelor Pad 2 finale. Gee, real classy Holly, always a Capricorn. Money before love. You can read the rest of the backstage gossip here.

Astrologically, Astrochicks doesn’t hear wedding bells ringing for Holly Durst and Blake. Hopefully, our Capricorn girl will be smart with her money because we think she won’t like South Carolina and will come running home to LA. I wonder if she’s still best friends with Deanna Pappas? Probably not.

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