Jennifer Lopez who recently split from Latin crooner, Marc Anthony, has to deal with the nasty part of divorce, giving up some of her fancy homes. Together, the couple reportedly own several penthouse pads and mansions. JLo most likely will continue to live in her Hidden Hills home pictured here, while her estranged husband will stick to his Latin roots and call Miami home or will he go Hollywood?

According to Estalker, Marc Anthony bought a condo in Miami, who told People mag it will be “the sexiest place in town!” It’s reported he picked up a bachelor pad at the newly constructed Icon Brickell, a glittering 10 acre forest of 50-story smoked glass and steel towers that cleave to the edge of Biscayne Bay. Our Virgo boy didn’t stop there.

Now that his soon to be ex wife, JLo, kicked him out of the family mansion, Marc Anthony cruised down to the heart of Hollywood to lease the ultimate  pad. It’s an Italianate mansion just above the Sunset Strip, the same house featured on Entourage. Vincent Chase would be proud!

For Jennifer Lopez a Leo, after being named the Most Beautiful Girl in the World, and signing a $20 million dollar deal with American Idol is riding high. Of course, divorce is never easy and her hubby Marc Anthony is desperate to win his wife’s heart back. Astrologically, Astrochicks looked into her crystal ball and our psychic prediction is these two are over. Sorry Anthony, that’s what happens when you cheat on your wife with a flight attendant.  JLo and Marc will be friends and will continue to put their children first.

For Jennifer Lopez, she’s all about the glitz and glamor and needs to find a man who can give her that. Unfortunately, JLo appears to be a serial monogamous but gets bored in relationships. In her recent Behind the Music interview, she claimed Ben Affleck another Leo broke her heart. Well, at least she believes in love.

For Marc Anthony a Virgo boy, he needs to find himself a nice submissive Latina girl, who’s much younger and will worship the ground he salsa’s on. Our Astrology love prediction is Anthony will hardly be lonely.  Wishing them both the best.

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.