Bachelorette Ashley and JP Rosenbaum have defied the odds and are planning to get married next year. Maybe a summer wedding? In a new interview, Bachelorette Ashley shot down rumors she would appear on Dancing With the Stars because she plans on finishing dental school and move to New York.

When asked how she would avoid pitfalls that other Bachelorette couples have, Ashley replied: All I can tell you is that this show really brought us together. It built a really good relationship, I think. We confided in each other, we learned how to communicate, you know. We dealt with jealousy, we dealt with insecurity, we dealt with so many things early on. We built this great foundation, and now we are out here in the real world. We have been engaged for two months, but I feel like we have been together for years.

On Twitter today JP posted: “Flying thru those storms was nuts. Home sweet home! Never a doubt in my mind, but the rest of the fam LOVED the new fiancé @ashhebert .” I guess they loved his Aries girl.

For Bachelorette Ashley the feeling is mutual, “I feel like I’ve known JP forever,” Hebert told Us Magazine of the 34-year-old construction manager. “I’m so comfortable around him. I hope he’ll stay in that moment and know what I feel for him is so real.”  Gotta love those Pisces boys.

If you want to follow the Twitter love fest between Bachelorette Ashley and JP, click here.

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