Tomorrow night, Bachelor Pad 2 will reunite Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi for the first time since their infamous breakup. Vienna Girardi has moved on and found love with new boyfriend, Kasey Kahl who starred on Ali’s Bachelorette season. Surprisingly, Jake Pavelka is still single, no serious girlfriend, and still a bitter boy over his split from Vienna.

In new Bachelor Pad 2 spoilers, Pavelka  is heard saying he hopes Vienna “falls 3,000 feet to her death.” Vienna Giraldi caught up with Extra TV and told Renee, “I don’t think anyone, no matter how much you hate a person, should ever wish someone harm. Ever.” Astrochicks agrees, Jake definitely has some serious anger issues. I thought Aquarius men were suppose to be friendly and fun. I guess Jake didn’t get the memo.

As for seeing his ex-fiancée for the first time on “Bachelor Pad 2,” Jake said, “Same girl that I remembered that night. She hasn’t changed.” Vienna Giraldi shot back, “I think I’ve changed a lot for the better. I’ve matured. I’ve become a woman. He’s a terrible, bad person and a liar.” For a Gemini girl, Vienna is incredibly emotional and super sensitive. Not to worry, her boyfriend Kasey is a Scorpio and will protect her heart.

Bitter Jake Pavelka was asked what he thought of Vienna’s new man, who is also appearing on “Bachelor Pad 2”? Pavelka said, “You know what? I’m probably not the guy to ask.” Oh Jake, you make an incredibly good villain, he’s ready to star in his own personal soap opera.

Kasey Kahl, on the other hand, told Extra TV, “He’s not who he says he is. He’s just not a good person.” Vienna added, “Jake has no real emotion, to be honest. It’s either fake or scary angry. That’s his levels.” We have to agree with Vienna, Aquarius men are the bachelor signs of the zodiac. Also, very cool when it comes to their emotional. Jake Pavelka most likely lives inside his head.

For Vienna and Kasey, the Bachelor Pad 2 couple are rumored to be engaged. Will they make it down the wedding aisle. We sure hope so. Astrochicks thinks they make a nice couple and Vienna was wise to choose a boyfriend and potential husband who will put her first in his life. Plus together, they make for reality TV gold and we know how ABC loves those happily ever after couples.  You can check out more Bachelor Pad 2 spoilers at Reality Steve’s site here. Enjoy!

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Jacy Nova

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