TAYLOR LAUTNER New Girlfriend, Lily Collins Abduction of Love, Astrology Predictions !

Taylor Lautner, Twilight superstar, says he wants to be taken serious as an actor. In fact, as of 2010, he is currently the highest paid teen actor in Hollywood. What future movie roles does he have to look forward? Who is he dating?

In a recent interview, Lautner an Aquarius stated that he doesn’t want to be just known for his looks, he wants fans to appreciate him as an artist. In his new movie, Abduction, Taylor says he felt “awkward” when he first started shooting the film. Our Aquarius boy admitted it takes time for him to get lost in a role. In Abduction, he plays a teen who finds his image in a missing person’s file. Is he our next Tom Cruise?

On the romance front, Taylor Lautner is rumored to have a new girlfriend, Lily Collins,  who co-stars with him in the film. In a new interview, Lautner laughed off his kissing scenes with the rising star, he admitted that he actually felt quite comfortable getting romantic with Lily. The big question is are they an astrological match?

Lautner an Aquarius is a free spirited guy. He wants a girl is smart, sexy, and fun. Lily Collins a Pisces girl, knows how to wrap a man around her pretty little finger. Feminine and flirty, she absolutely adores her boyfriend.

In a recent MTV interview, Lily Collins gushed about Taylor’s role in Abduction. She says, “[He is] very Jason Bourne-esque, of course with his own twist on it,” Lily dishes about Lautner’s character. “It’s a complete departure from Jacob [Black]. Obviously I’m in the movie so I’m biased, but I think it’s going to completely shock his fans, and people that necessarily don’t know him very well as Jacob that aren’t ‘Twilight’ fans. I think he brings an aspect people haven’t seen yet and [it’s] very, very exciting.”

Astrologically speaking, Taylor and Lily make an adorable couple. Astrochicks thinks they will ride the love rollercoaster ride for awhile. No wedding bells ringing in the future but at least a few good chapters in Lautner’s romance novel.  Lily’s one lucky girl. Stay tuned.

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