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BACHELOR PAD 2 SPOILERS, Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi Drama, New Details!

Let the drama begin, the new season of Bachelor Pad will air next week. Bachelor Jake Pavelka will be reunited with ex fiancee, Vienna Girardi. If you seen the recent previews, it’s safe to say there’s no love lost between Jake and Vienna. Warning Bachelor Pad spoilers ahead.

On RTV Zone, Jesse Csincsak will provide fans a weekly Bachelor Pad Beatdown on Tuesday nights. All your favorite reality stars will provide humorous commentary on the show and behind the scene secrets. For Bachelor Pad spoilers, Reality Steve is dishing it out again left and right.

Resident Aquarius dude Jake Pavelka appears rather smug in Bachelor Pad promos. According to various spoilers, he decides to call a truce with ex girlfriend, Vienna Girardi.  Of course she’s all tears and complains how much she hates him. As a Gemini, she can’t stop talking about how miserable he makes her. Fortunately for Vienna, she has boyfriend Kasey Kahl by her side to protect her sensitive heart.

If you’ve heard the recent rumor that Jake Pavelka will be a recycled Bachelor its NOT true. Jake Pavelka recently told Zap it, “There was some speculation last year in the tabloids that I was begging to come back, but that was absolutely, 100-percent not true, I do want to find love, and I want to have a wife and kids. That’s not a part of life I want to miss, and I’d be lying to you.  As an Aquarius, they are the die-hard Bachelors of the zodiac. Astrochicks doesn’t hear wedding bells ringing anytime soon. He needs to work on his temper.

For Bachelor Pad stars Vienna Girardi and her boyfriend Kasey, we hope love will last for them. Kasey a Scorpio, is much more old fashioned and willing to put his girlfriend first. In fact, the rumor is these two are actually engaged. To find out if its true, you will have to tune in to the new Bachelor Pad season. Stay tuned.

  1. Geez..are y’all for real? You think Jake has to get his anger in check? Anyone who doesn’t lose their temper with Vienna is a saint and not a one of the houseguests in Bachelor Pad 2 come close to that acclaim. And you like Kasey? My goodness, how did I find myself here? Y’all need a “reality” check!



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