Bachelorette Ashley’s big engagement day has arrived. Will she choose sweet Jewish boy, JP Rosenbaum, or sexy winery owner Ben Flajnik? Here’s an update on the latest Bachelorette Spoilers on the final rose ceremony, compliments of Reality Steve.

On the final episode, Bachelorette Ashley had some input from her family, specifically her sister Chrystie. Personally, Astrochicks thinks Chrystie is CRAZY jealous of her sister and is incredibly hard on her. Plus, they are polar opposites of each other. Chrystie sporting all kinds of tattoos and Bachelorette Ashley looking like an All American Cheerleader.

Even though J.P.’s the rumored winner, Chrystie does not like like him! “Not only does Chrystie refuse to tell Ashley she sees a connection, she tells Ashley that she and Brad [Womack] had more heat,” shares the source. In fact, Chrystie grills JP to the point of tears which makes Bachelorette Ashley call her sister a bitch.  You can read the rest of the Reality Steve spoilers here.

According to Hollywood Life, Bachelorette Ashley still is undecided on which Bachelor to choose. Should she marry JP Rosenbaum or does her heart belong to Ben Flajnik? On May 11, Ashley took a romantic stroll on a picturesque beach with Ben. “They were were kissing and holding hands,” says an onlooker. The next day, Ashley and J.P. kayaked to Vomo Lailai to picnic on the uninhabited island. When they got back, “they kissed and held each other tight for a very long time,” reveals the observer.

In the final rose ceremony, Bachelorette Ashley allows BOTH guys to ask her to marry him. Sadly, one guy walks away not only in shock but with his heart broke. If the Bachelorette Spoilers are true, it’s our down to earth Virgo boy, Ben Flajnik. Their final moments together are incredibly sad. In Astrochicks opinion, Bachelorette Ashley was mean to let  Ben propose to her. Such an Aries girl, had to be in control until the final end.

In the end, Bachelorette Ashley chooses JP Rosenbaum and he asks her to marry him. She’s planning on moving to NYC and they are looking for apartments together. Will her love relationship last? Astrologically, Astrochicks predicts Bachelorette Ashley and JP don’t married.  We hope we are wrong, unfortunately we think JP’s over emotional nature will prove too much for Bachelorette Ashely.  The episode airs on Monday night at 8pm.

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