SCOTTY MCCREERY Girlfriend Update, New Music Video, Dating Lauren Alaina?

Scott McCreery just wrapped his first music video for his new hit song, ” I Love You This Big.”  His American Idol Tour is in full swing and he’s gearing up for his upcoming album release. Will he be singing a duet with Lauren Alaina? More importantly, fans still ask who is Scotty dating and is Lauren his girlfriend?

“This is pretty insane,” the American Idol star said of how he felt about having his first-ever music video. “All the hard work has been put into this and now I’m sitting here doing my first music video. It’s just a really cool thing to finally be here.”

Talking about what to expect from the clip, Scotty McCreery gushed, “This is going to be kind of a nice little chill, summertime barbecue, kind of like a community thing on the Fourth of July. It’s just a really fun thing that we’re all just kind of chilling – that’s the word for this music video – ‘chilling’.” You can check out the video interview here.

Scotty McCreery is a charming Libra country boy. His astrology sign is easily influenced by love, which makes him a hopeless romantic, and very indecisive.  He likes to maintain a balance in everything he does and that includes love too. Considered a ladies man, Scotty McCreery will never have to worry about being lonely. What about Lauren Alaina? Are they boyfriend and girlfriend, just dating, or BFFs?

Winning American Idol has to be surreal. Even more so, when you’re only 17 years old and a senior high school. Not to worry, Scotty McCreery has a good head on his shoulders and a loving family to support him.  Nashville is in his blood now and he plans on having a huge career. Last night, Scotty was in LA for the American Idol concert, he posted on Twitter: “on the bus n headin to ontario. LA was crazy last nite. it was nice bein back at Nokia.”

For Lauren Alaina, she’s a moody Scorpio girl. The waters run deep for her and Astrochicks believes she has more than a crush on Scotty McCreery. Maybe first love? It may not last between Scotty and Lauren but they will always be friends.

Astrologically speaking, we see some life changing events for Lauren Alaina late next summer that could turn her world upside down.  Most likely, Lauren may feel overwhelmed with life in the fast lane. Also, we see her branching out into acting roles next summer. Maybe an ABC Family type show. Either way, we see a bright future ahead of her. To keep up with Scotty or Lauren, you can follow them on their Official Twitter page here. Enjoy!

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  1. Sorry Scotty fans, but just being realistic, something just reminds me of Clay Aiken and his Claymates. Remember all the adoring female fans? Fast forward to now, and he’s out of the closet. Scotty protests so much that he is not Lauren’s boyfriend, has no interest, kiss meant nothing, maybe he is just not straight? He is young, he may not even know himself. I am not trying to be mean, but its happened before… Calling him a “ladies man” makes no sense. The girls are screaming at him, but he isn’t biting.

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