Big Brother 13 has started off with a bang. With Evel Dick Donato’s abrupt departure, the whole Big Brother house is spinning out of control. Newbie Keith is a ticking time bomb, throwing the house into a panic and pitting one houseguest against another. Let the games begin.

In tonight’s Big Brother 13 spoiler alerts, with Rachel as Head of Household and most manipulative mistress, it’s hard to tell who’s backstabbing who. In the Rachel/Brendon and Keith/Porsche play in the PoV competition, Rachel picks Jeff and Jordon. Of course, Rachel and Brendon WIN again. Not only is Rachel HOH but she has VETO power as well. Go figure.

In true Rachel fashion, she makes a deal with Porsche and Keith BOTH. Even though Keith acted like a douche bag tonight when Evel Dick Donato left, most of the other Big Brother 13 castmates want Porsche to leave. They don’t respect her as a player and they don’t think Keith is too bright either. Although, Rachel may decide to flip the script and put two other Big Brother housemates on the chopping block. Keith has his own mind games going on and may have already outsmarted himself. I don’t see Keith or Porsche winning Big Brother 13.

The true winner of the evening is Daniele Donato. Personally, Astrochicks thinks Big Brother 13 planned on having Evel Dick leave early. Giving his daughter an edge in the competition, throwing the Big Brother house into turmoil, and making the show more exciting and fun in the end.

You can check out the rest of Big Brother spoilers and recap here. What’s our Big Brother predictions? We think that Porsche will be voted off, she’s pretty lame. We do think that Daniele will make it to the Big Brother final four. Will they bring her father back? Can’t wait to see if Evel Dick Donato returns. Enjoy!

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Jacy Nova

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