In a few weeks, Bachelorette Ashley will pick her Prince Charming and next stop will be Bachelor Pad 2. This season will feature all your fan favorites including: Jake Pavelka, his ex fiancee Vienna Girardi, her new boyfriend Kasey Kahl,  Justin “Rated R” Rego, and several more.  The new cast will definitely put ABC drama on HIGH ALERT! Warning, Bachelor Pad spoilers ahead.

What fans might not know, is there was a MAJOR SEX SCANDAL on Bachelor Pad before the season even started. In fact, a Producer was fired for sexually harassing a former Bachelorette castmate. Who was it?  Craig Robinson from Bachelorette Ali’s season.

According to Star Magazine, Craig Robinson was sexually harassed by Karri Leigh Mastrangelo.  While casting for Bachelor Pad season two, Karri became infatuated with Craig and basically promised he would be cast on the show.

Robinson told Star that Mastrangelo initially called him to repeatedly discuss harmless matters concerning the Bachelor Pad selection process, but eventually she took their level of communication to “an alarming level.”

Craig Robinson said: “She kind of lost her mind. She sent me a lot of messages saying that she was in love with me and could see a future between us,” he claims. She texted me several photos, a couple in really racy lingerie – pushing her boobs up – and one in a dominatrix outfit.” I guess casting hotties for Bachelor Pad gets to you after awhile, especially if you’re a married woman who’s bored with her husband. Anyway, long story made short, Mastrangelo was kicked to the curb by Mike Fleiss. Unfortunately, Craig Robinson didn’t get picked to appear on Bachelor Pad 2 either.

For the Bachelor Pad 2 spoilers, it gets WEIRD between Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi. The new season will not disappoint. Supposedly fake Jake tries to call a truce with Vienna and apologizes for his bad behavior in the past. Of course, Vienna our Gemini girl and her man Kasey are not buying it.

For Bachelor Pad 2 winner, Jake Pavelka gets voted off only after a few episodes. For Vienna and Kasey, love rules, and they are rumored to be engaged. Or at least Kasey gave her a beautiful diamond sparkler. Who makes it to the Bachelor Pad 2 final four, you can check out Reality Steve’s spoilers here. Enjoy!

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