BACHELORETTE SPOILERS, Ashley Hebert Final Rose Ceremony, Not Engaged Anymore?

Tonight, Bachelorette Ashley became one step closer to finding her true love. Will she pick JP or Ben to be her happily ever after? If you believe the Bachelorette Spoilers,  Ashley is engaged and happy in love. Or is she?

In the typical Bachelorette rumors, Reality Steve claims that JP receives the final rose. Other gossip magazines claim that she’s left standing at the altar. Is JP the right guy for her or should she choose Ben instead? If you believe the gossip blogs, JP a sweet Pisces guy is a notorious flirt and can’t be trusted.  Plus, he likes to get his party on a little too much.

In TV fairyland, Bachelorette Ashley may be engaged but most likely she won’t be marrying the guy she chooses. What she will get is a fabulous entertainment career and she can leave her dental plans behind. Born under the sign of Aries, she’s a leader and not a follower. Unfortunately, she suffers from insecurity and constant second guesses herself.  Also, she doesn’t trust love.

Not too worry, Bachelorette Ashley will be just fine. Astrologically, she’s got a big year ahead of her where her life will be turned upside down. Astrochicks doesn’t think she’s ready to get married and we don’t see her future husband arriving on her doorstep for at least a couple of years. For now, she can enjoy her 15 minutes of fame.

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