The weekly rag mags spun out some major Bachelorette spoilers and Bachelor Pad gossip. For Bachelorette Ashley Hebert, a passionate Aries girl, it appears she may be nursing a broken heart this weekend.

In case you’ve missed Reality Steve’s recent posts, he’s revealed who wins our Bachelorette girls heart. Are they astrologically compatible? Has she found her soulmate or temporary place holder for the real deal?

Warning BACHELORETTE SPOILERS! According to Reality Steve, in the final rose ceremony, Ashley Hebert chooses JP Rosenbaum. A nice Jewish boy from New York is crowned the winner of her heart. Are they an astrological match? After Astrochicks went under cover, we discovered that our cute little construction was born on February 23, 1977. Yes ladies, he’s a sweet romantic Pisces.

JP Rosenbaum loves the ladies and the ladies love him. Fun and charming, he’s one smooth operator.  A moody guy, he definitely has a stubborn streak.  Attracted to outgoing and passionate girls, Ashley Hebert definitely represents the perfect girl to him. With her girl next door looks, she’s definitely someone he could take home to mama. The big challenge in their relationship will be Bachelorette Ashley’s insecurity.

Ashley Hebert a spunky Aries girl, has Moon in Libra and is charming and fun.  The girl next door, she comes across like an “All American Cheerleader.” With Venus in Aries opposing her Moon, she has some serious daddy issues and insecure in relationships with men. A bit clingy and needy, it will take a deeply sensitive and patient guy to make the relationship work. Is JP Rosenbaum her guy?

Bachelorette Ashely and JP definitely has a strong connection. Lots of sexual chemistry but they may share different values. JP’s outgoing nature and flirty ways could definitely make Ashley feel insecure. She needs a strong, down to earth guy, who’s willing to tone down the bad boy ways to make her feel good. Not happening here.

Both Bachelorette Ashley and JP share Venus in Aries. Which means they both like to be in control and can be demanding in love. In this situation, one has to take the lead while the other follows. Not easy for either one either one of them. Pluto will provide many challenges in love and this will definitely be a life changing experience for both. For Bachelorette Ashley, we believe she’s more in love with fame versus finding the right guy. She doesn’t trust love. For JP, he’s not really ready to settle down yet.

Astrochicks thinks their relationship will run its course. They will ride the love rollercoaster for awhile and it looks like Ashley will be the one to jump off. If you want to find out about their astrological charts, you can check out JP Rosenbaum’s here and Ashley Hebert’s here. Enjoy!

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.