MTV is gearing up for the new season of Jersey Shore Italy, which will premiere this fall. In fact, MTV has the cast on lockdown and they’re already shooting season 5 back in Seaside Heights. Although the cast reportedly earns $100k per episode, the reality show has taken it’s toll on the Jersey Shore stars. Snooki recently split with her boyfriend Jionni and now Vinny has officially quit the show. What’s up kids?

First, it must be hard for the cast to play characters of themselves on Jersey Shore. Fame has its challenges, especially in the love department. Snooki and Vinny, who had a fling, seem to be at odds now. Several cast members have spin off reality shows but it looks like Vinny is the one left empty handed. He’s tired of Jersey Shore and wants to pursue a career in acting. FOR REAL!

Sources directly connected to the cast tell TMZ … Vinny bolted from the house late last night after getting into an argument with another cast member. We’re told Vinny was feeling “burned out” and went back home to Staten Island.

Sources connected with Jersey Shore say Vinny Guadagnino has been a pain in the ass and no one will be getting on their knees, begging him to come back. Well maybe Snooki might. Who does Astrochicks think he’s fighting with on the show? We think it’s Snooki. Intuitively, we think that Vinny really cares for Snooki and wouldn’t mind being her boyfriend. Not gonna happen, as long as Jionni is around.

Now that Jersey Shore cutie, Snooki, a sassy Sagittarius girl is all skinny…she’s got Jionni wrapped around her little finger. Snooki split with her boyfriend while filming in Italy but now that’s she back at Seaside Heights, these two are definitely back on.  According to Life and Style, the reason behind their break-up was over Jionni’s ‘trust issues’.

The Jersey Shore couple agreed that their long distance relationship was taking it’s toll on their trust issues. ‘He said it was hard for them to be apart, and that with the whole world knowing her past, he finds it very hard to trust her,’ another source told  Life & Style.

If the cast is smart, they should ride the Jersey Shore train as long as they can. The show as officially made them millionaires and astrologically we predict the show will wind down in the next two years. By that time, we predict that Snooki will be getting married and wanting to settle down. For Vinny, we see him finishing law school. Stay tuned.

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Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.