Ashton Kutcher and Village Voice are in a Twitter battle, over child sex trafficking and prostitution.  The journalist team over at Village Voice must be on strike, making fun of a popular actor who supports a noble cause is what we call career suicide. In fact, advertisers American Airlines and Dominos have already pulled ads from the paper over their lack of sensitivity on the issue.

What are Ashton Kutcher and Village Voice fighting over? Statistics. Ashton Kutcher claims 100k to 300k children are at risk of falling prey to pimps and sex traffickers. Village Voice on the hand, claim that they only found 8000k cases and have decided to mock the actors position. Are they getting high in their offices? 8000k cases is a lot! Plus,  Kutcher has 7 million followers and they only have 34,000. Losing battle if you ask me. Also, the feud has escalated over the weekend and Village Voice keeps digging a deeper and deeper Twitter hole, over their nasty tweets.

One reader posted the following comment: “I don’t understand why these two are arguing in the first place, and particularly with such snide remarks. Isn’t the bottom line we don’t want children being sold for sex? Can they not just both agree on that as a starting point?” Astrochicks totally agrees. Someone over at Village Voice has their undies in a knot and for some reason doesn’t like Ashton Kutcher. Is it because he’s a celebrity and crazy good looking?

Child prostitution, teen runaways, and kids strung out on drugs is a huge problem in our country. If Ashton Kutcher and his wife Demi Moore want to drive awareness with their DNA Foundation, we applaud them. Village Voice on the other hand owns Backpage, which generates about $25 million in revenue each year by placing escort ads. Gee, who’s side would you be on?

Ashton Kutcher has put Village Voice on Twitter blast,  after it attacked his “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” public service campaign against child sex slavery and trafficking. Now VV are bunch of cry babies back peddling on Twitter over losing advertisers for slamming Kutcher. The most recent Twitter post says: “Do we really want @aplusk deciding which Internet freedoms are available to consenting adults? Seriously? His agenda is now exposed.” Sorry VV, your agenda is exposed.

How did Kutcher respond? “The cry of a company waking up to it’s failure will never be as loud as the tears shed by the girls trafficked on its platform.” Touche!

Astrochicks predicts Village Voice will lose the Twitter battle against Ashton Kutcher. They should quit while their ahead, otherwise we predict the editorial team may end up losing their job over it. For Ashton Kutcher, all this free publicity will do wonders for his social cause and help TV ratings with Two and Half Men. TEAM ASHTON!

Written by

Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.