Rumor and speculation are swirling around, who will Bachelorette Ashley Hebert choose to be her future husband. Who will get the final rose? Will Ashley be left standing at the altar, rejected, and crying for Bentley one last time?

This week, in Jesse Csincsak’s exclusive Bachelorette blog, he provides insight on who might be the final guy standing. We add in a few psychic and astrology predictions.

WARNING MAJOR BACHELORETTE SPOILERS! Reality Steve has already revealed that JP and Ben F., make it to the final two. Of course there is a twist, Bachelorette Ashley is thrown for a loop when Ryan comes back begging for her hand in marriage. (Sound familiar) Sadly for Ryan, Ashley kicks him to the curb and “supposedly” picks JP. Or does she?

In Jesse Csincsak’s new blog, he’s not completely convinced that JP may be the last guy standing. Here is his take on last nights Bachelorette episode and Ashley’s hot date with JP: Jesse says, “This date was a bit weird to me. First off, it was strictly an evening date? When is the last time we have ever seen that happen? Secondly, Ashley tells JP about every bit of her past with Bentley including how she felt and why she was so bummed when he left. I can understand why she did it but it was totally unneeded in my opinion. JP was a good sport about the whole thing and thanked her for her honesty!”

For Astrochicks, I think the whole Bachelorette season is weird. I like Ashley Hebert but there’s not enough hot romance and too much conversation. Also, the Bentley crap seemed so staged. She has plenty of hot guys too swoon over, why bother with this guy. You could meet this guy at any local bar, nothing special. YAWN!

Anyway, you may want to check out a previous article we wrote, along with our Astrology + Psychic love predictions for Bachelorette Ashley. A psychic by the name of Nahu, provided some interesting perspective on our Aries girl. One she hates rejection, is insecure, and her heart may not really be in it to find the love of her life. Also, she has major daddy issues. Check it out here. Interesting cosmic look at the Bachelorette.

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