ROBERT PATTINSON Cheating on Girlfriend Kristen Stewart, Rumor True or False?

In the latest Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart rumor mill, one popular gossip site is claiming that RPatz is cheating on his girlfriend. Who is the mystery lady? She’s reportedly one of the actresses on the set of his film ,Cosmopolis, in Toronto. We don’t believe it for a second. Rob would never cheat on Kristen.

In a story by Metrowny, has reported that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had a big fight over the fact that they haven’t seen each other in almost a month, Also, supposedly Kristen is upset that Rob has been partying too much in Toronto. Is it true? You can read the entire article here and decide for yourself.

Kristen Stewart a possessive Aries girl, is said to be unhappy that Rob keeps hitting the town, so has ordered him to tone down his wild ways. Another gossip site Showbiz Spy reports: “He’s been out almost every night at concerts and dinners with pals – and this is hot on the heels of him going out clubbing with Sienna Miller in London a few weeks ago.” Astrochicks would be concerned about Sienna Miller as well, she’s definitely a man eater and a boyfriend stealer.

The source said: “Kristen’s upset about Robert Pattinson’s partying and ended up having a tearful showdown with him over the phone, saying he’s acting as if he finds life boring with her. She’s feeling insecure because she’s back home looking after their dog Bear and hasn’t seen him for weeks.” Astrochicks advice, get on a plane and go see your boyfriend.

Astrologically, we think Robert Pattinson a Taurus is just having fun. He’s a social guy and has lots of friends. We seriously doubt he would cheat on his girlfriend, Kristen Stewart. Every relationship has its ups and downs, even the Twilight couple. We don’t see a breakup for Rob and Kristen anytime soon. We think the rumors may be a PR stunt to get the gossip blogs buzzing about their relationship. Mission accomplished!

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Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. All this gossip about Rob and Kristen cheating on one another is ridiculous. Until we know for sure that Rob and Kristen are officially a couple, or engaged, going steady, etc., they are both free to do what they want and with whom they want.

  2. Lizzy you are preaching to the choir here.

    About time someone tell the negative people out there that their uncalled for comments are hurtful to both Rob and Kristen.

    Toronto is one of the best/safest cities to go out at night. Hope he is enjoying his time here and would want to come back even if he is not making a movie.

    Your Welcome

  3. Rob is not cheating with anyone, he works 12 hour days, and on his time off to unwind he has a couple of beers with friends, guys from the set, he is not drunk or wasted as you people say…He is not cheating on Kristen, they are totally together, never had a fight, and bear is with my brother in Toronto.

    He has never gone out with Caitlin, she is taking photos of the cast and he is part of the cast.

    He would never ever cheat on Kristen, he is so madly in love with her, so personally I just wish that people would not say such awful and hurtful things, especially if they are not true..

    You will see Kristen and Rob together very very soon, but dont believe everything you hear on these internet websites
    they are not true…………

    Thank you

  4. Ok, this is my problem with this whole thing… 1)these so called stories are coming from gossip websites and rumor bloggers that are copied and reposted over and over..2)all those sources are a figment of HL website imagination, robert pattinson is popular no matter where he goes at some point there should at least one picture… 3) this is for the 2md comment from claire all these phone conversations never happened it’s all made up okay , if anyone believe this whole story , i guess they also believe in santa claus and tooth fairy..LOL… sooo.. unless you are a personal friend of Robert and you were in the room when he was having this fictional argument with kristen stewart…???? i would suggest that you really think before posting something so’s not to be mean but you are probably young and a big fan of rob but don’t believe everything you read ,they usually all made up..

  5. who the heck is “co” and how does anyone know her or about her twitter and book????? I would really like to know.

  6. Actually their dog,Bear, was last seen with Rob on the set of his movie. And the production of Kristen’s new movie was stepped up by six months to compete with the other SW movie that also to be released in June 2012.[she is in London doing the movie] I don’t know but I am sure Rob and Kristen keep in touch. They are used to being separated due to their careers. IF Rob is seeing someone else I would bet it is friendly dinners and perhaps with other case members. BUT the bottom line is its their relationship!

  7. any one cannt say it.i lov them.i want their 4ever true relation.if anyone tell this false story i will kill everyone.robsten is my life friend.pls dont tell will kill me

  8. this is a false story which is made by internet all sourse because they r know people obbislly want s moro news about robsten because they r best and most beautiful and most popular couple in the world.if they do that people fall in tension and they will earn more.rosten r osam s also know robsten how much people want and lov them why they will break up.its imposible.if they r doing that their populary will be damage.they know it very celearly.rosten and their lov is 4ver

  9. Some facts- Rob has Bear with him in Toronto. He is wprking 12 to 14 hour days(not a lot of time for partying), Sienna is with his friend Tom, Kristen si doing some pre production work on Snow White and possibly K11 in L.A.. I think that because there hasn’t been any news, thery make this stuff up to keep their names out there. They are both mature enough to handle these separations that come with the job. Ease up, folks.

  10. yes he is cheating but not with a actress also why is he ok with what cc tweets about him also why would he let cc put him in her breakup book tell me that he should not br treating kristen like he has and your pr is not working its to late he is out all the time but can not make time for kristen he told her not to come to toronto we fans know whats going on rob been living like and acting like a single man to late to be a nice guy now rob you cant change what you did fans now know what you are like all your fans think you are one guy when in fact the real rob came out to show his true colours and hes not nice at all i whish he new what respect was and show some to kristen

  11. The rumors is not true,robert pattinson never cheating on kristen stewart,robert pattinson and kristen stewart is still together.

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