ZAC EFRON Dating Update, Vanessa Hudgens New Boyfriend Josh Hutcherson!

Zac Efron now a swinging single, after his breakup with ex girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, he’s enjoying his Hollywood lifestyle. In fact, when he hits the bars, he definitely doesn’t forget to tip. After a recent drinking session, he left a whopping $300 tip for the cocktail waitress. Who’s he dating now?

Our Libra boy, treated his BFF’s to vodka and tequila,  with a splash of Red Bull in the Float Bar at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego. Zac Efron even ordered one bottle of Kettle One vodka at $350, one bottle of Patron Silver at $350 and a 6-pack of Red Bull at $30.

Sources at the hotel told the website TMZ that Zac Efron covered the $140 service charge on his bill, and then left an extra $150 for staff. This meant his grand total on the night was $1,093. This Libra dude knows how to party. No mention if he was with a girl.

What’s the scoop on Vanessa Hudgens? Who is she dating and will she ever get back together with ex boyfriend Zac? Vanessa a Sagittarius girl, is still romantically linked to co-star Josh Hutcherson. Are they soulmates or will she go running back into the arms of Zac Efron? Celebrity psychic, Barb Powell, predicts it will not be a love that lasts. Why? Because her heart still belongs to yours truly, Zac baby. You can view her prediction here.

For Astrochicks, we think that Zac and Vanessa needed to take a break but we still think they will get back together. Whether it lasts a lifetime we’re not sure but we predict that the couple will reunite around the holidays. Stay tuned.

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. Zanessa u guys should please gte together, Vanessa i do not trust that josh guy of yours beside he isn’t that hot, cute and nice as Zac. please get back to Zac. A friend once told you will never value what you have until you lose. so please get together with Zac, you guys will make a great and lovely couple. We all know you guys love each other so much.

  2. yeah, i know this is a chick website. but come on vanessa, zac still loves you… hes still single right? this josh guy… he doesnt really love you. so come on zanessa, get your heads out of the clouds and realize that you love each other and need to be together. im hoping that this pyschic will be right.

  3. I really hope this will be true because I LOVE Zac and Vanessa together! I honestly think Zac still loves Vanessa or he still wouldn’t be single! But does Vanessa still love Zac? I hope these two can work things out and have a fairy tale ending…

  4. yeah, i know this is a chick website… but come on vanessa, you still love zac and he loves you! thats probably why hes still single… this josh guy doesnt really love you. you havent even kissed yet… how sick is that!? come on zanessa, get your head out of the clouds and realize that you love each other and need to be together!

  5. I hope this will be true because I LOVE Zac and Vanessa together! I honestly think the reason Zac is still single is because he is still in love with Vanessa. Zac was such a sweet guy. He said that the relationship he had with Vanessa was “real”. I think Zac still loves Vanessa… do you think Vanessa still loves Zac? I really hope they have a fairy tale ending…

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