VICKI GUNVALSON BOYFRIEND, Dating Brook Ayers Deadbeat Dad, Divorce Update!

Vicki Gunvalson what are you thinking? The Real Housewives of Orange County star recently filed for divorce from husband Donn. During the Reunion show, she revealed that she has a new boyfriend named Brooks, a divorced father of four. What Vicki failed to tell Andy Cohen is he’s also a dead beat dad. In fact, Brooks Ayers was in jail recently for not paying child support. She left Donn for this guy? No wonder her kids are mad.

Radar Online revealed exclusively that Vicki Gunvalson’s new boyfriend Brooks’ was arrested twice by police in Alabama and Mississippi last year. Why was he thrown in the slammer? For failing to pay child support to his estranged wife Kim. Gee, Tamra Barney sure is a hypocrite, her boyfriend Eddie is letting Brooks crash at his house, and Vicki’s boyfriend appears to be worse then Slade.

The court documents obtained by Radar Online, claim Brooks owes about $40,000 in child support, in total, to his wife Kim and another woman: his ex-girlfriend, Nicolette Catanzarite from Indianapolis, IN., with whom he has a son. Wow, Real Housewives Vicki left Donn for this guy? HUGE MISTAKE!

What’s more, we’ve also learned Vicki Gunvalson even leant her famous name to her boyfriend’s case in a desperate bid to bail him out of his financial disaster. She said: “I am a personal friend of (David) Brooks Ayers and am acting on his behalf at this time,” the reality star wrote in an August 30 letter to a Mississippi judge, pleading for him to be released from jail.

Brooks estranged wife said:  “My ex-husband has a history of cheating,” she claimed, citing as proof her husband’s illegitimate child with Nicolette, 16-month-old Joey. “I’m offended by adultery — it’s not right.”

Vicki Gunvalson an Aries girl, better watch her pocketbook.  It makes sense why Vicki’s kids are upset over her divorce from Donn. Our poor girl is making a huge mistake in love, Brooks is not her soulmate, but a gold digger trying to jump on the fame wagon.  In Astrochicks opinion, Tamra Barney is bad news for our girl also. Her friendship pushes Vicki to make poor decisions in relationships.

Astrologically, next year Vicki Gunvalson will learn some painful lessons in love. Not only will she find out more information about her new boyfriend Brooks that will embarrass her but the tabloids will have a field day over their relationship. Looks like next season of Real Housewives of Orange County should be interesting. Let the drama begin. To read the rest of the article about Vicki and her new man, click here. Enjoy!

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  1. Apparently, Brooks’ ex-girlfriends are having a field day spilling their guts to the tabloids. One is know alleging that Vicky has been chasing Brooks for years, so yep I totally believe she cheated on Donn…following in Tamara’s footsteps.

  2. What a pathetic, gristly old fool Vicki is. WOO HOO, you dumbas*!!!!!!!!! BFF with Tamra Barney who is a hardened, cold, vicious trailer trash piece of crap. They are both starting to look like the evil hags they truly are. DISGUSTING on so many levels!!!!

  3. Gotta Love the News……Classic!!!! We all know thE Truth Bitchezzzzzz!!!! They Both are Nasty Azz DoucheBags !!!! What’s Up w/ their Faces??? Both Look like they got ran 0va by a Bunch 0f Trucks!!! Tamra needs to STOP Blowing up those Ugly Lips and her Face Injections are NOT Helping her 0ut–At ALL!!! and Vicki,,well…All i can sayabout her iz Bad face-lift!!! Who Dun It & Fkn’ RAN!!! Kinda Happy she left Donn,,the poor guy wuz getting walked all 0va and she just kept humiliating him 0va n 0va again.!. Gretchen held herself together pretty good 0n the Reunion. I don’t know how she held herself back from not giving them both a few Slaps.,,,,0h wait,I know—“””CLASS”””!!!!! I hope Vicki is Taken for Everything she’s got from this Brook’s Guy,,Cuz it looks like he isn’t no Dummy and is 0n his way doing so. GroW Up n ACT YoUr AGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. HAAA HAAA HAAA! I love this. Tamra sat and just ewwwwed and aaawwwed about what a wonderful man this Brooks is. He also lives with Tamra’s supposed boyfriend. WTF? TRASH. That’s WTF!

  5. The real kicker is Vicki was trying to get her boyfriend out of jail two months BEFORE she filed for divorce. They pick on Slade and her guy Brooks is even worse…

  6. Love it, love it, love it! About time that bitch’s karma caught up with her and bit her in the butt. Maybe she will keep her nose out of other peoples’ business for a change. These OC women know how to pick ’em, don’t they?

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