Taylor Swift won top honors at CMT Awards last night. What about love? Who’s she dating now?  Unfortunately, Taylor hasn’t learned her lesson and John Mayer was spotted hanging in her dressing room in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Will she be writing a new “Dear John” song part two. I wonder what the lyrics would be?

Well, lets say that John Mayer was there with her in spirit. According to Hollywood Life, Taylor Swift tweeted a photo June 8 before going on stage in Milwaukee, and while we first noticed the cute lyrics she wrote on her arm, our eyes quickly went to the Rolling Stone cover on her wall! You can check out the photo here.

Our Sagittarius girl is flying high, but when it comes to love she’s still solo. It must be intimidating for guys to date Taylor Swift. She’s beautiful and sweet, but also uber successful and rich as heck. She’s had a few crushes along the way, including Jake Gyllenhaal and Adam Young, but nothing serious.

In fact, Taylor Swift is a bit of a heartbreaker. She actually strung Owl City singer, Adam Young, along.  Young revealed the pair exchanged emails for four months after their meeting, but he was left with a bruised ego when Taylor Swift then started dating Hollywood hunk Jake Gyllenhaal last year. He tells Us Weekly, “(I was) a little (heartbroken). I’m not that eloquent, and I may have said something wrong…”

Even after Jake split with Taylor Swift, the singer tried to reach out to her but she just ignored him. 🙁 Poor guy! Anyway, love is just around the corner for Taylor and soon she will have a new boyfriend. No wedding bells for a few years but definitely some new love songs. Stay tuned.

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Jacy Nova

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