RAMONA SINGER Drinking Problem, Cheating Rumors, Psychic Astrology Predictions!

Does Ramona Singer  from Real Housewives of New York have a drinking problem? Never seen without a wine glass in her hand, Ramona’s constantly screaming for another drink. What’s up with that?

In this weeks episode, Ramona and the other Real Housewives hit Morocco for an exotic holiday. Straight out of an episode of “Sex and the City, ” the only thing missing is Mr. Big. Of course Sonja and Ramona are behaving badly, drinking way too much, and running around like a couple of mean girls.

This Real Housewives episode was especially intriguing, when a fortuneteller told Ramona Singer her husband had another woman. Is it true? Well according to Ramona, she doesn’t believe in all that psychic nonsense. She appeared on Andy Cohen’s, “Watch What Happens Live,” to shoot down cheating rumors. Ramona said her marriage was rock solid and loved her husband dearly.

Born under the sign of Scorpio, there’s some dark demons peculating under Ramona Singer’s exterior. Astrologically, our psychic predictions is our Real Housewive is going to hit a rough patch next year. Ramona’s drinking and attitude will catch up with her and it’s very possible she could have relationship problems with her husband. The good news is that Ramona is a strong woman and will fight for her man. Her marriage will go through changes and hopefully will lead to a deeper relationship. In the end, love conquers all. Wishing Ramona the best. Put down the wine bottle girl.

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