NENE LEAKES, Celebrity Apprentice Finale, Nasty Meltdown With Star Jones!

NeNe Leakes is a piece of work, after she quit Celebrity Apprentice, she decided to appear in the finale.  Donald Trump put her in the hot seat, showing clips of her foul mouth dropping the “f bomb” and telling Star Jones to shut the “f up.” Celebrity Apprentice was meant to be about charity and of course NeNe Leakes made it about her. Did she even raise a dime? Tonight was no different, she faced off against Star Jones and had another nasty meltdown.

Born under the sign of Sagittarius, NeNe Leakes takes no prisoners. She uses her mouth as a deadly weapon, firing off insults left and right. Not sure what her strategy was on Celebrity Apprentice but she should have been on Jerry Springer instead.

In a new Ellen DeGeneres interview, NeNe Leakes revealed why she REALLY quit Celebrity Apprentice. “I don’t regret it. I felt very good about it. I always do what my gut tells me to do.” She added: “I’m a grown woman, and nobody makes decisions for me. I make my own decisions. It was a toxic situation for me.” In Astrochicks opinion, the only toxic person was NeNe Leakes, everyone got along fine without her.

Astrologically, what does the future hold for NeNe Leakes. She has a painful journey ahead of her, she’s facing divorce and life can get lonely without love. She needs to change her attitude if she wants to find a good man. NeNe Leakes will continue to appear on Real Housewives of Atlanta and she may be launching her own talk show. We predict more drama for our girl, NeNe’s going to have to learn her emotional lessons the hard way. Stay tuned.

Posted by Jacy Nova

Jacy Nova is the resident Astrologer and Managing Editor for Born under the zodiac sign of Virgo, she has a Libra Rising and Libra Moon.


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  1. anroca, you are right.

    It just seems that NeNe is just targeting other black women. But yet, she had no problems with Lisa, Marlee, and even Hope. She did not yell and go nuts on them as she did with Star, La Toya, and Dionne.

    Ignorance gets you nowhere.

  2. I just watched Oprah giving her final words before the show ended. I realized that just because she is black, it does not mean that she is negative or moody as some black, white, or any other racial women are.

  3. NeNe was a disgrace to every professional African-American woman. Star, thank you for being a LADY and a true professional! NeNe is an example of a person with no skills, drama, poor vocabulary, etc.–needs a therapist. There is a way to fight with dignity without the cussing and calling people out of their names (LaToya and Star). Of course, NeNe gave what many like to see..a Black Woman attacking another Black Woman with bad language. This was a game, not a cussing match. Now we can see why many of our youths don’t respect adults..look at NeNe’s action! It was more than entertaining-two Black Women became enemies (right Trump)! Star came to play the game and played it well and ran NeNe off the show–I applaud Star! When I saw NeNe return for the final taping, I almost turned off my TV. I hope NeNe is not a personal mentor to any young person! Remember, this was a game, not a cussing match. NeNe should learn how to fight with dignity; to me, NeNe is a loser as a person and a drama whatever. You go STAR–you are a winner in my eyesight and others I talk to say the same. YEA STAR!

  4. Nene is getting a bad rap for mouthing off but this is one time I agree with Nene. Star is a passive-agressive *itch and I saw right through her phony smile. She wants people to think she has class and does not talk trash but the truth is, she pisses people off in a quiet way and sits back to watch the fireworks and says “What? why are you freaking out”. To me, a person like that is 100 times worse than someone like Nene.

  5. As a African American professional woman, I was appalled at NeNe’s lack of maturity. She did not unleash on Lisa they way she did with Dionne, LaToya and Star. Calling people out of their names is ridiculous. I agree with Star. It’s a game and you compete to win for charity. If you can’t play the game like an adult, the leave. If I was Donald Trump, I would not have allowed her to return for the finale. NeNe is just looking to extend/prolong her 15 minutes of fame.

  6. Star Jones….We Love You! You’re right on the mark
    last night on your comments on NeNe Leakes.
    Who the hell was Nene before she got on “The Housewives
    of Atlanta?”
    She is a loser in her demeanor, language and back-stabbing
    comments on others.

    You were right last night….Nene took off ONLY on the
    African-American women on her team. Famous women who
    worked hard to get where they are….Dionne (one of my
    favorites since time immeorial) and you, Star!!
    Nene is plain and simple: Insecure. She knows she
    will never reach the status of you and Dionne ever.
    It really irks her also. She is a loser and why she
    ever got as far as she did shows the lack of taste
    many, not all thank God, Americans have in choosing
    who to watch on TV.
    Best wishes, Star..
    Molly McDermott

  7. Please-Star/Dionee/NeNe went after Lisa. NeNe did not go after Star because she was black-it was because she was rude/bossy. Glad NeNe told Star not to bring up the racist crap. No one likes Star and she was jealous because she thinks that because she is more educated then NeNe she was better than her.

  8. Star was right about Nene. She took the platform as an opportunity to attack all the black woman. That was a good observation on Star’s part.

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