What’s the latest on James Durbin and his new album? The American Idol favorite has touched millions of fans with his music and has been an inspiration for others who suffer from Tourettes and Aspergers syndrome, a form of high functioning autism. For one fan, Nikolai Bloom a musician, who also has autism, James Durbin has given him hope.

When Durbin first appeared on the show, Nikolai Bloom wrote him an email to share their special connection. Since then, they have become fast friends and talking during the competition.

Nikolai’s mom, Robin Sweet says: “He burst into tears when he saw James Durbin talk about his experience of having Aspergers and being tortured and teased and bullied in school and how life was hell for him,” Robin recalls. “And the connection was kind of made in heaven there… to watch James every week and sit there like he’s part of the audience. He’s clapping away and he’s yelling. It’s pretty phenomenal. It’s inspirational.” Nikolai Bloom is now blazing his own path with music and art. “So through watching him and seeing him follow his dream, it kind of got me more motivated to do what I believe in,” he says.

James Durbin, born under the astrology star sign of Capricorn, has worked hard to overcome his challenges. Astrochicks predicts that although he didn’t win American Idol,  James Durbin will have incredible career in music and as an inspirational speaker.

In Santa Cruz, his hometown appearance generated over $1 million dollars in local tourism to get a glimpse of the star. He also received some well needed advice from Chris Daughtry’s music producer, Howard Benson. In fact, he believes that James Durbin can bring Heavy Metal back.

Benson said the first thing he’d do is convene a week long songwriting camp to get Durbin in the room with proven writers like Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith, Daughtry, Buckcherry) or even former “Idol” judge Kara DioGuardi and pop maestro Dr. Luke (Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Britney Spears) and have them tap into the singer’s rich, emotional story. We agree!

Astrochicks thinks James Durbin will have nothing to worry about, his future looks golden.

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