TAYLOR SWIFT Love Songs, Boyfriends and Dating the Wrong Men, New Interview!

Taylor Swift, the country superstar wears her heart on her sleeve. Not afraid to fall in love, she likes dating the wrong men, and is on an endless journey to find the perfect boyfriend. Taylor Swift is a girl who uses her tears as a source of musical inspiration, channeling heartbreak into her next hit song.  She doesn’t believe in following the rules and is a romantic girl at heart.

In a new interview with Life & Style magazine, Taylor Swift a Sagittarius reveals her pearls of wisdom on love. “There are no rules when it comes to love…I just try to let love surprise me because you never know who you’re going to fall in love with. You never know who’s going to come into your life – and for me, when I picture the person I want to end up with, I don’t think about what their career is, or what they look like. I picture the feeling I get when I’m with them…I’m really a daydreamer and a hopeful person…When it comes to ‘happily ever after,’ I always have a tendency to write a happy ending to my songs. That’s probably wishful thinking on my part.”

Astrologically, Taylor Swift as a Sagittarius, is the speaker of truth. She believes in being brutally honest and is adventurous in love. Some of Taylor’s choices in men, have been dating disasters. She appears to be looking for love in all the wrong places but in Taylor’s eyes, you have to kiss a few toads before you find the Prince.

Astrochicks predicts that love will find her when she least expects it. In our astrology predictions for Taylor Swift, we expect her to be a young bride and we believe she will marry by the age of 25. We think he will be in the entertainment industry, someone who will let Taylor be in the star in the relationship. For now, she needs date a few more bad boys before she gets her fairytale wedding.

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  1. Dear Taylor,
    My sister Jessie and Me have our birthday party on May 28th we have no money and was wandering if you would still come . Our party is at the Winsor Park @ 1:00. It would make us really happy. I have your book and was wandering if you would sign it and my two shirts that have you on it. Please come to our party.
    Monica Kocher

  2. Taylor is amazing. She is talented, beatiful, nice, sweet, and hilarious. She deserves her fairytale.
    Taylor 4eva

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