After their bittersweet breakup, Zac Efron and ex girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens have moved on.  For Zac, he’s laser focused on his movie career and has just signed on for the sexual thriller, “The Paperboy.” For Vanessa Hudgens, she’s going for a little “Sex in the City” and moving to New York. What’s his latest dating rumors?

Over the last week, Zac Efron has been spotted partying in Venice Beach and Marina Del Rey hotspots in California. Ace Showbiz reports: While Zac Efron and Ashley Greene enjoyed some downtime together, they are only good friends and weren’t romantic at all during the Saturday night outing. Sources further stressed that the relationship between the two are strictly platonic. The gossip site additionally noted that the pair were also joined by a group of mutual friends.

Astrochicks had her own close encounter of the Zac Efron kind. He was at St. James Beach with a group of friends and was doing some cougar hunting. We noticed him chatting up a very sexy older woman. Go Zac! Who’s our Libra boy dating now? Well he’s NOT dating Ashley Greene but Selena Gomez did say in a recent interview that she thinks Efron is her future husband. What a cute celebrity crush. I wonder what Justin Bieber thinks about that?

Astrologically, we think Zac Efron is smart to focus on his movie career. If he’s meant to be with ex girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, a Sagittarius girl…love will find a way. For now, Efron will continue to enjoy the single life and dating various girls over the next six months. Stay tuned.

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Jacy Nova

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